PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets Lovely Mercedes-AMG GT Animated GIF; Recording “Very Special” DLC Cars

Driveclub got a brand new animated GIF showing the Mercedes-AMG GT, while the team is recording some "very special" cars for DLC.

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aCasualGamer1550d ago


"You would not believe the cars we’re recording for drive club next week…! Mucho speciale!"

-Audio Director Alan McDermott

Wonder what he meant by that...

Maybe a Ferrari 458 Speciale reveal?

dodgemoose1550d ago

A very good looking game. Look forward to playing the PS Plus version come October.

theshredded1550d ago

I might end up buying it but then again I'm a cheap bastard I'll try the ps plus version first

mandf1550d ago

Doesn't work on google chrome. Couls someone fix this.

MonChiChi1550d ago

Visit the image link (click image). Worked for me this way.

mandf1550d ago

Works now. Thank you for the response

Walker1550d ago

This game is gonna be the first real next gen racing ! looks almost real in that gif !

NeoGamer2321550d ago

Forza Horizon 2 (September 30), DriveClub (October 8), The Crew (November 11), Project Cars (November 18) are all true NextGen racers.

And Forza 5 was the first real NextGen racer...

Haters can say what they want but if you have played the game you should know what I mean...

ThatOneGuyThere1550d ago

visually, F5 and Horizon dont hold a candle to this. Gameplay is preference. I'm pretty interested in The Crew, but I think(depending on gameplay) that Driveclub will be my go-to racer until Project Cars challenges it.

NeoGamer2321550d ago

Visuals are only one aspect of a game.

I will get all four racers this holiday and I already have Forza 5...

Anyone who thinks that 1 or more of these racers are not next gen are simply blind fanboys.

Foehammer1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The Mercedes is a beast, Road & Track has a video of it tearing up the salt flats, sounds awesome.

@ ThatOneGuyThere

I'm very surprised to hear you say that, after your statement in the Horizon article:

"I will never forgive them for leaving out gearing tuning in horizon 1."

How is it that your "go-to" racer will have no tuning at all?

DigitalRaptor1550d ago

If you really take a look at all of those games, only one is made to the specification of the next-gen console. The rest are cross-generation made from the offset with scope to support older, last-gen consoles.

MeliMel1550d ago


Is that your go to saying.... visually this, visually that. We know DriveClub looks good. But is it gonna deliver on gameplay. We already know Forza will. Its been getting nothing but praise.

NeoGamer2321550d ago


You obviously no nothing about these games and just believing the Sony marketing BS.

First off FH2 is developed by two different developers. One for 360 and one for X1... The 360 version will not have a lot of features that are in X1 FH2. So they are two different games in the same setting.

DriveClub is 1080p and 30 FPS... So is FH2...
DriveClub is currently closed track... FH2 is open world (Open world is harder to do)
DriveClub is day and night races... FH2 is full day and night cycles (This was a feature cutback in DriveClub)
DriveClub doesn't store racing profiles in the cloud... FH2 does...
DriveClub doen't have under the hood tuning... FH2 does...
DriveClub has a small selection of cars... FH2 has 200 cars...

I guess you are right, Forza Horizon 2 is the only next gen racer... DriveClub does not have a single feature that is not available in FH2.

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