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With its banal universe and flavorless style, Destiny is packed with content, but just ... well ... content. There's a great PvP mode, and the leveling system can be rewarding, but nonetheless this is a pretty, rock-solid, ultimately pedestrian product.

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oSHINSAo1497d ago

Another Honest Review, there is no point for this game to receive very good or very bad reviews coz its multiplatforms...

Magicite1497d ago

Titanfall and Destiny prove that latest online shooters are built on hype and crumble once people realise they have been fooled.

GodGinrai1497d ago

Titan fall is a fun game. You cant even comment on it, or the its community. You dont even have an xbox. there are plenty of people on that game to play against on xbox. I cant speak for the PC crowd....Thats not the version I play (even though I have a copy of that too).

CloudRap1497d ago

Destiny is still waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than Titanfall. I wouldn't put them in the same category.

I own an xbox and Titanfall is terrible (content&graphics wise)

PONTIAC08G8GT1497d ago

I'll take TF all day over Destiny. If you think the destiny MP is any good, your seriously delusional.

HammadTheBeast1497d ago

Destiny is actually fun though. Its refreshingly skillbased like Halo 2 mechanics, even though there's gear, headshots and mechanics > gear disparities.

guitarded771497d ago

I like destiny... best shooter I played in a LONG time. I like all that it offers... I like the MMO aspects of it. It may not be a 10/10 with a very few issues, but a 6/10 seems mighty low too.

Titanfall doesn't offer nearly as much as Destiny, so besides them both being shooters, there aren't that many similarities. Now back to playing Destiny while the haters continue doing their thing.

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The_KELRaTH1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I suspect it won't be too long before we start seeing more variations to the Crucible game options and token additions etc to keep it interesting - ready for the expansions.

Perjoss1497d ago

As usual, multiplayer matchmaking is just broken. This does surprise me in this case however as Bungie is normally one of the very few devs that understands how to do this correctly.

StrawberryDiesel4201497d ago

3/5 = 60%, I'm really surprised if this game averages around scores between 6-8. That would be a massive fail in my opinion. This game was hyped more than any game I can remember and it's too bad it's only an average game. I'm sure the next one will be much better but Bungie/Activision may have a hard time convincing/hyping people up to buy the inevitable sequel. My prediction is this game will have its small niche community four or five months from now. Once COD: Advanced Warfare drops, Destiny will lose tons of players and many people will move on.

Xb1ps41497d ago

I don't know.. I think some of you hype your selves too much and because of that you will always be disappointed no matter what..

I don't have the game yet because I got diablo 3 like a week ago and might not pick it up, I'm a little more into sp games or games that at least offer a great sp first, but most of the things I read about on why they didn't like it was the very things that everyone knew about from the very beginning, so did you hype your self? Or are you easily hyped but hard to please?

It seems to me bungie delivered on what they told everyone destiny will be then everyone when all zombie like... And wished the game was more like some other game with more players..

That other video that is up on the front page with first impression of destiny is a perfect example... He knew damn well how many ppl was going to be able to play on line yet still wanted more players then when's on to say that maybe it was because the Xbo couldn't handle more players... Wtf? Ps+ definitely has the better value and ps4 has the better hardware but when it comes to online structure and quality that goes to xbo, Xbox live IMO could and will handle much more than psn.

Sm00thNinja1497d ago

All kinds of FAIL in this comment.

Deividas1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

In an article that has NOTHING to do with MS vs Sony Online still managed to squeeze it in there huh? Could have left that whole last paragraph out of your post. Come on now

MysticStrummer1497d ago

"This game was hyped more than any game I can remember"

You haven't been paying attention then. Two games this year got more hype before release and ended up being simply average titles.

"Once COD: Advanced Warfare drops, Destiny will lose tons of players and many people will move on."

Tons of players are idiots then, if they thought this might be a replacement for CoD. It's not that kind of game and was never meant to be.

zodiac9091497d ago

It's a shame that these days people like you judge a game based on reviews, rather than playing it for yourself and making the judgement yourselves. I guess "individualism" has been lost to some of you. *facepalm*

DefenderOfDoom21497d ago

A 3 out 5 does not mean a 6 out 10, unless you work for METACRITIC! A 3 out 5 is saying the game is good. Well at least that is what JEFF GERTZMANN from GIANT BOMB said.

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paddy951497d ago

Advanced warfare will get a higher metacritic score than this. Destiny is all marketing hype which fails to deliver.

MasterCornholio1497d ago

Reminds me of what happened to Titanfall. I hate it when games get hyped to heck and fail to deliver. I'm glad that didn't happen with Diablo 3 or The Last of Us which have exceeded my expectations.

NiteX1497d ago

Diablo 3 was hated on far more than Desinty is being right now. It's only recently that people are switching sides.

Michiel19891497d ago

2 years and 30 bucks further diablo 3 is actually getting close to what Jay fucking Wilson promised

gangsta_red1497d ago

Titanfall delivered. Respawn made the rounds and made this game available from the very beginning at shows and events. It did everything they said it would do from the start.

Destiny on the other hand, was kept behind close doors for a long period of time, hardly showed any gameplay, the beta was lackluster and reviewers was not given a chance to play the game.

Not to mention it's on every single system including the 360/PS3. What were people expecting?

aviator1891497d ago

I agree.
AW will likely get higher scores. The campaigns in CoD games are top-notch.

DefenderOfDoom21497d ago

to aviator, Yeah the CALL OF DUTY campaigns are top notch, if you like to watch a ton of cutscenes , if you like a very linear campaign with no challenge , and have your hand held throughout the entire campaign . The DESTINY campaign is way more fun to play then the last 4 COD CAMPAIGNS!! Well that is just my opinion.

ALLWRONG1497d ago

People talking about Destiny's hype and failures, but it's also bug city. What was the beta for?

ShowGun9011497d ago

i see plenty of non-gaming websites have found the way to garner up a bunch of hits really fast: hating on destiny! proof?

sorted by hits, this article is on top according to metacritic, with the only site i've actually heard of before, CCC, all the way second to last. (which coincedentally gave the game a 90) everything else is kinda random, but theres not one big name site up there yet... why? maybe it takes a little more time to review a game than opening the package and writing an article as fast as possible...

lets see how many no-name sites pop outta the woodwork to give destiny a 4/10 and get some ad revenue!

PS: its funny how last month, there were TONS of articles up about "gaming journalism" and how its utter BS, and yet, as soon as one of these guys back up your preconcieved opinion, everybody clings onto them again. decide for yourself whether you wanna play a game or not, but don't give these guys money by clicking on their "article"

Funantic11497d ago

Destiny is a big fail. It had good ideas and intentions but couldn't put it all together correctly. I won't fall for anymore overhyping again concerning games.

DigitalRaptor1497d ago

Nice review.

I'll wait for the rest of them.

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