Transverse - One Day Later & Its Funding Campaign Is At 0%, Developers Disable Comments On YouTube

Man, things are definitely not looking good for Piranha Games. Yesterday, the company revealed its latest title; a sci-fi flight-based MMORPG that looks way too similar to Star Citizen. And as it was to be expected, the fanbase backlash was huge. In fact, it was so huge that the launch of Transverse's crowd-funding campaign is now considered a complete failure.

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xKugo1501d ago

That's really unfortunate for Piranha Games. Considering how similar games in the RPG and FPS genre are, kinda sad to see a potentially good game go down in flames simply because something akin already has a strong foot-holding. What a shame...

shloobmm31501d ago

The transverse trailer shows more than I have seen from star citizen in the year and half since I've been a backer. Not to mention Piranha games owns the rights to wing commander. I don't understand why there can't be more than one quality space Sim and I don't know why Piranha games needs to earn fan trust back when they haven't done anything wrong.

WeAreLegion1501d ago

Hive mind. It ruins many things. :(

aliengmr1501d ago

Wait, Star Citizen has actual, playable, content, how is that less than a trailer?

Not saying you can't prefer one over the other, but really, there has been no end to the discussion about Star Citizen.

I think if it were just a new space sim entering the genre there might not be an issue, but it seems Piranha games stepped in a bit of mess, whether its of their doing or not. That's likely why this is happening.

JsonHenry1501d ago

Then you haven't been paying attention. I mean, I can actually PLAY parts of Star Citizen, as well as walk around in may fancy hangar and ships.

Troll be trolling.

But I agree with your point that this looks good and worth backing same as Star Citizen.

shloobmm31501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I meant from the world they showed. I've been playing arena commander(as for walking in the hangar I explored the hell out of my origin 310 and then upgraded it to the 315p and loved the detail and how meticulous everything was, but once again no substance lol), problem is in the year and half since I pledged that's all they really show. That transverse trailer shows there is some substance to the game already. I love the updates on ships in star citizen but I would like to see less new ships right now and more of squadron 42 game play. Something that's more than a glorified. tech demo. I know it's all a waiting game I'm just saying I wasn't displeased by what I saw from transverse. I hope both games pan out. I just love space sims.

JsonHenry1501d ago

Yes, it certainly showed more of a storyline than Star Citizen ever has. No doubt about that.

R00bot1501d ago

Man, the internet is cruel. I bet the guys over at Piranha are losing sleep over this. The game looks similar to Star Citizen, okay, we get it. But it's no reason to crucify it. Other games have been similar before. I think the game looks really interesting..
Who knows if it'll be as good as Star Citizen, but it looks interesting.

user56695101501d ago

I think it have to do with, let's not start trends of hopping on bandwagon of things that should have been funded a long time ago. It's already a ton of space Sims in the works. Try something different we are tired of something gets some buzz or become popular then the market is saturated with it. Look at the most successful kickstarters old school games that was refuse to get a remake or upgrade and original good idea. They should of took a risk and try something completely different instead of jumping on the bandwagon. They should know pc gamers don't like that leave sh!t like that on consoles.

It's a response games are getting stale and are starting to look alike. If you're doing a kickstarters It gotta be different or your asking to fail. Pc gamers contribute to kickstarters most so don't think we gonna support something that we are not sure if you're just doing it for a quick buck

aliengmr1501d ago

It seems that Piranha is in some hot water for other things as well and are being "hyper-scrutinized" at the moment. So pretty much anything they are doing is under a microscope, including this game.

Call it bad timing in an already ugly situation.

DeusEx-Machina1501d ago

I'm pretty sure the issue here is more connected to PGI's past (*cough* MWO) than it is to Star Citizen.

shloobmm31500d ago

I guess I can understand that, I know MWO is still lacking promised features. However it is not uncommon for developers to have multiple projects in the works at once.