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STN Writes:

There is a reason that not many websites have reviewed Destiny yet, it's a huge world which is best explored with other players and not on your own. There is a lot to explore outside of the main missions and it's sure to get even bigger as Bungie releases new updates, extra DLC and more. Our site obviously doesn't score games, so I'm bringing you my impressions based on a completed campaign, some time in Crucible mode and some time spent fighting against the enemy with others. I believe that I've spent enough time to form an opinion and my opinion is that Destiny is a great game. I don't think it's an instant classic which will change the world of gaming, if anything it's just Bungie doing what it does best.

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Jack_Reacher1496d ago

Shopto can talk. I bought this game from them advertised as having the extra content. It on the box. Only to be told by there pr that they did not get this version. I feel ripped off. False advertising it is.