Should We Pay Attention to Review Scores?

CCC Says: "Aside from trusted individuals or word of mouth, reviews are the go-to thing for getting a general idea of how well a game has performed under the scrutiny of a single reviewer, who may or may not provide a favorable overview of the game in question, or provide anything outside their own relative experience.

Because video game reviewers are limited to only what they know, reviews for a given game can vary between those who review it; someone with limited review experience may only review a given game based on their experiences with the game alone, and someone with a lot of review experience my review a game based on their experiences plus reference it to other experiences in other similar games, and provide comparison and critique where applicable. Please take in mind that someone with limited review experience can also do this, too."

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Riggans421499d ago

I feel like all CheatCC does is take opinion pieces from other sites and then try to make a grab at traffic piggybacking off success. And what's up with their font?

knifefight1499d ago

Yeah, it's funny how they ask "Should WE" in this headline and then CheatCC itself proceeds to...use review scores. Like it wants to play both sides.

On the topic of reviews:
Reviews are one person's opinion. They are useful if you read more than one. If the complaints/praise sounds like something you'd agree with, there ya go. If the opinions sound like something you would disagree with, good. I've read 5/10 reviews that convinced me to buy a game. If you know yourself, you can read others' opinions without feeling like they're trying to persuade you to their way of thinking.

Numerical scores, on the other hand, are fairly arbitrary and exist because of fast-food gotta-have-it-now culture where we can't be bothered to read anything. It's sad, but no numerical scores = fewer clicks. :/

OB1Biker1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Thats the problem : reviews are always ' trying to persuade you to their way of thinking.' (and presenting opinions as facts)
and you got to read between the lines if the reviewer let you without saying the game is bad every couple of line sometimes

FarEastOrient1499d ago

The system that works for me. Should I rent/borrow, buy, or ignore, three simple things.

Mr Pumblechook1499d ago

The successful Destiny launch without media reviews demonstrated that game 'journalists' reviews are not as important to gamers as they like to think they are.

3-4-51498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

These are BS articles that TAKE NO SKILL TO WRITE.

Where is the "Skill" / "Talent", that makes this person a "Journalist", and not just some random person?

What can this person do that Me or You couldn't not do ?

NOTHING....Literally NOTHING...That is how bad game journalist is getting.

Godmars2901499d ago

At this point no. Certainly not ones that go in depth or try to look at a title from a detached, intellectual viewpoint for a general audience.

If you what you see and hear of a game, are interested by the general premise, that should be enough.

SniperControl1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I kinda wished that i had waited for reviews of Watchdogs before i bought it, i spent £45 on it via Steam and was very very disappointed with the end result, had i read the reviews beforehand, i probably would have waited for a Steam sale before i bought it.

I obviously got caught up in the hype generated by the game and paid dearly for it.

So in answer to the headline.

Yes, review scores do matter to an extent.

OB1Biker1499d ago

Its not the score that matters (and think of how ridiculous they can be for example 7.9 or the like) the important is the content of the review and trying to figure out what you like and what you dont like in the game considering everyone can have a different opinion.
Reviews should tell you everything you need to know for YOU to have a reasonably correct opinion about whether the game is for you or not

700p1499d ago

Most reviews are terrible reviews and its based off of opinions. If a game is broken and many reviewers complain about it..then thats different. Most reviews they nitpick alot. Its quite annoying.

Godmars2901499d ago

That reviews commonly don't warn consumers - not gamers but consumers - that a game has issues like clipping or frame rate dips, is effectively and outright broken, only proves that reviewers aren't doing their jobs.

Not talking about pixel counting or differences between consoles which is a different thing depending on what individual sites cover, but given devs and publishers a "pass" under the threat of less access or just general bubby-buddy.

Iltapalanyymi1499d ago

i never do. if i always had looked the reviews of games, i would have missed multiple great games. i never trust reviews.

memots1499d ago

Every time a big release comes up these article pop out everywhere.
Review can be useful when your on the fence about something. But lets play video are way more insightful but i get every game that i am into.

Review really don't mean nothing. To me the one of the best game ever is Raceroom Racing experience and i cannot get enough, yet lots of people write bad review ( steam user review ) Its too bad people would not experience something just because someone else told them they didnt like it.

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