Indie Games Are Great But We Don't Want Anymore of Them

CCC Says: "I absolutely love indie games. I love to play them. I love what they stand for. I love how they let developers try out new ideas that would never be funded by AAA companies. However, there is a trend in indie development that I, personally, hope will slow down. The indie sphere is totally saturated with 2D platformers.

There are lots of reasons why we have seen so many 2D platformers in the indie sphere. First of all, they are pretty easy to make. Second of all, they are probably the easiest genre to innovate on, as so many 2D platformers have been clones of Mario or Castlevania or Mega Man and the like. Heck, when you are just getting started as an indie studio, 2D platformer is your go to genre. "

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gangsta_red1499d ago

Indie games are great as long they're good. Just like their AAA big brothers.

I think a lot of people are relating indie games to automatic "fresh", "innovative" and "new" which is simply not the case.

I don't mind indie games but what will happen when these indie games hit mainstream (as it's already happening) and all the indie games start being more of the same? Where will we turn to next as our savior?