Sony May Catch Up to Nintendo's Playability with Rumored Controller

Among the console makers, Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT) have Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) beat when it comes to graphic and performance capabilities but Nintendo's Wii is winning with playability. Month after month, the sales gap between the companies is clear in the retail data. But now, Sony may be nearing release on a new controller aimed at narrowing that gap; a product aimed at mixing playability (ease of use) with performance.

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LaChance3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Has judgement day passed ? I mean is 12th june passed already !
I didnt see anything special happen.I thought there was a huge migration that was supposed to happen or something like that.

Anyway I know Sony gamers hate the fact that MSFT are inspiring themselves from the Wii so what do you think about Sony inpsiring themselves from the Wii too ?

I personnaly think its absolutely normal for both of them to take the best ideas out there and try to use them too (ex : Sony with Rumble , HDD etc , MSFT copies too by the way).

But Im skeptikal as to the succes these devices will have.It might be huge hits or simple gadgets forgotten after a week or two.

And they might have a "copycat" feeling to it.

Really looking forward to seeing what both MSFT and Sony have in store for us.Its not that Im very excited for these devices but want to see how they actually going to work out.

edit : Can somebody PLEASE give me a date for judgement day ? I heard Sony diehards might know something about it.

edit 2 : @BUTTERFINGER BELOW : you still didnt answer my question.

butterfinger3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I guess it's hard to see all the PS3's being sold in the world when you are sitting in front of a computer or at home. Making it even worse, you still have a Pharrell avatar.

On topic: Of course these devices are going to be looked at as copycats, but Sony and MS don't care about that. MS wants people to see that they can have amazing games graphically and such while still having their wii-esque fun. Sony is basically trying to make it harder to not buy a PS3 by having the same playability as the Wii, but also including a blu ray player.

Edit: @ lachance - I suppose I must not be a "Sony diehard", because I haven't really noticed anyone talking about a judgement day in the gamer zone. Perhaps you could check the Open Zone, but we both already know that you are talking about June 12th, 2008, or BKA MGS4 launch day. Your sarcasm isn't funny, especially when the PS3 will likely obliterate 360 sales in all regions for this month. I'm not saying it will be a continuing trend, I just think you started cracking your little jokes a month or two too early.

Silogon3777d ago

They can catch up to Wii's playability, huh? Oh, you mean 10 min mini games and simple 2 button epics? Sounds smashing for a 600 dollar "supposed" hd system.

Good tracks you're on sony, I don't see a train in site. Dip $#*ts!

LevDog3777d ago

Ps3 would have the advantage over Wii, and even 360.. for the simple reason.. Blue Tooth.. Ps3 can have up to 7 players on one system.. Wii and 360 only 4... Ps3 has the best graphics around.. If they can take the party style games and add something new, with up to 7 peeps, and Good graphics.. I can really see this working..

Maybe even add in sony style "miis" but instead of creating a character, you take a pic with the PS Eye and have a video game render of yourself..

PS3 possibilities of this are endless..

mindedone3777d ago

I think what this does is give 3rd party developers the option of multiplatforming their games instead of having them exclusively for the wii. Monster Hunter, Okami remake, anything from Squeenix, all these can be brought and most likely will be brought to the PS3, just based on the profitability of making a game multiplat.