Five Awesome Free To Play MMO Games

We’re always looking for some new game to play. Whether you’re done with your homework for the night, or you’re getting off work and want to kill a few hours before bed, nothing beats a great video game. There are so many MMO games to choose from, that it may be daunting to jump into one without any advice from friends and/or trustworthy websites. So I wanted to give you guys a few free to play massively multiplayer online games that I think are the most fun to play right now. I’ve tried to keep this list as balanced as possible, in order to ensure there’s something there for everyone.

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Vladplaya1550d ago

Team Fortress 2 is not an MMO. MMO in the games refers to player count per world/map/shard etc, basically amount of players that can play together at the same time, in which cases its usually at least couple/few hundred and goes up to thousands.

Team Fortress 2 is just a awesome free to play shooter game, but it doesn't belong to this list as player limit per game can be counted in dozens.