Why Microsoft Buying Minecraft Doesn't Matter

Microsoft is apparently close to finalizing a deal to buy Minecraft developer Mojang. These rumors seem to be very credible and there is a real possibility this may actually happen. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry if you don’t own an Xbox.

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Razjin1500d ago

This doesn't make sense because they are not just buying a licence but the developers who made the game. The reality is that the only reason microsoft would even consider buying them out is off a simple hunch that the next game they make will be as successful as minecraft and will be the reason to own said console or a pc/mac with emulated os.

medman1500d ago

If Microsoft spends the 2 billion and then chooses to restrict the number of gamers who will be able to play the next minecraft (if there is a next minecraft) by making the game a xbone/windows pc exclusive, isn't that a bit silly? I mean, a large percentage of gamers that currently enjoy minecraft will not be buying an xbone for a future iteration, nor playing it on they will be losing some sales even in the best case scenario...not to mention the people that won't buy their products simply out of spite in anger over more moneyhatting.

3-4-51500d ago


My New World, is MY New World, and it stays as is.

My current game that I love won't be effected so this could only be a good thing I think.

DjinnCrimsora1500d ago

I'm not so much worried about Microsoft attempting to remove the Playstation ports, but rather the amount of skin/texture packs (which are depressingly few despite Sony's large catalogue of available franchises to choose from) that would come to PS3/4 after the acquisition.

jackanderson19851500d ago

If is going to cost MS 2 billion to get the rights of minecraft they might just do the texture packs with Sony. Generate them a ton of income and could time them when it's at a low so it has renewed interest

jrshankill1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Did anyone actually click the link? This has to be the most laughable "story" ever written..

Why Microsoft buying Minecraft doesn't matter :

Game is already Published


Aggesan1500d ago

I read it now. Its quite laughable really.

700p1500d ago

TBH if microsoft buying mc didnt matter...then whats the point of this article. It obviously does matter if they have an article about it.

jrshankill1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

So if there is an article about something, surely it must be true, right?

I can write an article about a cat which morphed into a dog. Does this make it legitimate and real?

Welcome to the internet. It's dangerous to go alone... take this.

wynams1500d ago

time will tell author, but thanks for trying to make up our minds for us (before we even know anything really)