Halo Wars Screenshot Blowout! 40 New Screens

GamePro's got 40 new screens from Halo Wars. Check out Covenant units, UNSC troops, and more!

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green3828d ago

Halo Wars looks Sublime.Can't wait for to play see the latest build of this game in motion.Roll on E3.

Chubear3828d ago

That is looking good. Gosh, RTSs feel sooooooo good and this one looks like it'll be a good one.

power of Green 3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Can't believe the way this game is shaping up it looks fantastic I'm going to pick it up. love the dynamic camera the detail is impressive even zoomed in the quality of the detail holds up to a AAA quality looking standard game when it comes to non-RTS views or camera styles.

The art is grittier more earth tone and or grounded with Halo's traditional flare still intacted, Peter J. take note you too Bungie.

Bnet3433828d ago

This game is looking so damn good wow! I can't wait for this.

Mcrmarcher3828d ago

Just a question does anyone know if the the flood will be making an appearence in this? Because i prefer the Covenant, the flood suck.

GameOn3828d ago

Halo Wars is set before Halo C.E where the Flood are first discovered on Halo. Make of that what you will.

I think they will probably make an appearance somehow as the third faction.

Xi3828d ago

the game takes place on harvest, a human farm planet, that gets partially glassed causing part of the planet to go into a ice age like setting.

the planet is a "shield" planet. While there is no news on flood in the game, multiplayer will have a game-type which requires players to take forerunner bases and use them to manufacture sentinels to use against the enemy.

While i don't quite like the flood, i think they would be an interesting addition. similar to the zerg in starcraft.

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The story is too old to be commented.