Happy Birthday Xbox 360! (part 1)

For those in the more eastern timezones a very important day has just started: the 22nd of November 2006 marks the first birthday of the Xbox 360, a console that has been "lonely at the top" for a year now until its same-generation competitors started to arrive just recently. The Xboxic crew takes a look at what the past year has brought them in gaming pleasures and displeasures, and hopefully provides you with some entertaining insights on how we experienced those 12 months.

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TheMART4349d ago

All you know what's funny???

The PS3 released exactly 360 days after the 360 in North America! Sony is so freaking jalouse on MS that they do these kind of things. Coïncidence? Well... It's just like a little kid that knows it lost with a game and can't think of anything else for real to hurt the competition.

Well today the 360 is having it's birthday in USA. And everyone there is blessed with the video on demand. Renting a movie without leaving your house. Getting your favorite old or new shows (Friends anyone? or CSI?) when you want to see them.

The competition will be unable to follow with the light-speed MS goes at this moment. Just because MS has the money to do as they like

Schmitty074349d ago

*Rememebers the Video Marketplace launched,a nd goes to check it out*

super bill4349d ago

still the best and most powerful console on the market.even with the ps3 launch.and the games prove that.