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Charlie Large reviews Four Door Lemon's port of Hello Game's Joe Danger for the PlayStation Vita. A game that is arguably at its best on the handheld!

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magmar1262519d ago

Wow, that's a high score, I'm going to download it now to get highscores as well =D

darthv722519d ago

i have this on PS3 and it is FUN. Not that it matters (I'd get it on vita anyway) but i am wondering if there is a cross buy option for this one. It would be sweet to get it for cheap on the Vita being an existing JD member on PS3.

GamingSinceThe80s2519d ago

It's free on PSplus this month for vita only no cross buy for PS3 as far as I know.I added it to my download list but like so many plus games for vita have yet to try it.I need to buy a bigger memory card but am to

vongruetz2519d ago

Perfect. This is the perfect game for the Vita. Every time I'd sit down to play it on my PS3, it just didn't feel right. I wanted to play big games on the big screen. But Joe Danger on the Vita is exactly where it should be. The style of gameplay is perfectly suited to portable gaming.

Chaz30102519d ago

That's exactly how I felt. I have never lasted long when playing the PS3 version, did not feel right. But the PSVita version is perfect :)

captainexplosion2519d ago

Great game perfectly suited for the Vita. The only thing I don't like is how hard it is to wreck. Tricks are a joke because you can land on your head and he doesn't wreck and still pulls off trick.

iceman062519d ago

It DOES seem a bit more forgiving with the trick system on the Vita. Getting a 100% combo used to be a bit harder on PS3. Oh well, still having a blast...again.

SaffronCurse2519d ago

Very sad that my Vita died on me, I'm missing so many quality games =/

eZJrg6ur2519d ago

I love this game on the Vita -- beat it a couple days ago. Never held my interest long enough on the PS3 for some reason, but on the Vita I couldn't put it down!

darthv722519d ago

It's funny you say that. i have done the same thing with sonic all star racing transformed. Having it on the console is okay but i find myself playing the vita version more.

I think its because i can play it anywhere and that is a real big convenience.

eZJrg6ur2519d ago

Hah! I'm the same with Sonic All Star Racing as well -- not sure what it is, but I liked it way more on the Vita. Funny how some games are just more appealing on handhelds.

GamingSinceThe80s2519d ago

I'm the opposite I loved it on Wii U but couldn't enjoy it on vita due to the lower frame rate,it just didn't feel fast enough anymore.Maybe I will give it another shot as I got it free on plus and only played a few tracks and never played it again.