Nintendo's Making Money Off You and You Love It

CCC Says: "Earlier this year, in a January 2014 meeting with investors, Satoru Iwata said people could expect more licensing of the iconic characters in Nintendo's pantheon. It was rather unexpected. Perhaps some even saw it as a desperation move prompted by the floundering of the Wii U. We were left to wonder what kind of products this would prompt, and what the quality of said items would be.

It has now been eight months since Nintendo made this decision, and it's starting to seem like it was a very good thing. Announcements have been made, some items have even begun appearing on store shelves. By Christmas 2015, an influx of items will be here, and most are quite tempting."

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Geobros1550d ago

Zelda Monopoly is awesome....:o

PiNkFaIrYbOi1550d ago

Should we start throwing our money at them yet?

ritsuka6661550d ago

Nintendo's Making Money Off You and You Love It''

Yea ..I'm really happy with my WII U... lot's of awesome games incoming in this fall.

herbs1550d ago

Man there are clearly a large percentage of sad losers on here. I disagree with your happiness and excitement for good games coming out hnnngh lol... Now I will lose a Bubble for insulting the community.

SegaGamer1550d ago

If you lose a bubble then you deserve it.

Why are people sad losers because they like the Wii U ?

I like how different it is to the PS4 and Xbox One.

herbs1550d ago

I was making fun of the people disagreeing with ritsuka. I often see people post positive comments usually in regards to Nintendo and then they get downvoted from said sad losers (usually diehard Sony zealots) Sarcasm can be hard to grasp in this context I thought the hnnngh would be a give away but nope. I'm happy to see ritsuka has more agrees now compared to when I posted earlier.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1550d ago

What should we want?

Them to not make money and go bankrupt? If they can turn a profit off of their IPs in another way, who am I to say "no".

If it is right (like a mug not a figurine), I might even buy it.

DC, Disney, and Marvel have been doing it for ages-
Why not Nintendo?

WeAreLegion1550d ago

I think the author has the same opinion, but made this the title to get hits.

eferreira1550d ago

Only thing that bugs me is the small iterations made to the 3ds which should've had all those in the first place. They purposely did not include it just to penny pinch us into buying another version or accessory like the circle pad pro.

SaffronCurse1550d ago

I'm eagerly awaiting a special wiiU edition so I could make my purchase, the black just doesn't cut it for me.

Summons751550d ago

Yes because five years ago they sat in a room and made a list of what not to include so they can "penny pinch". Get real. The 3DS came out and was great Nintendo is known for their products being affordable and the CCP wasn't even a twinkle in their eye at that point. Now we have a new 3ds that was upgraded for the times so we can have a better system and get better game.

Yeah how dare those scum give us better hardware which in turn makes better software.

TomahawkX1550d ago

A business trying to make money? How dare they?

Chrischi19881550d ago

Exactly. Sony and MS are only in the game, because they want to give the user the best experience possible. They sell everything at a loss. Lol, what people really try to pull off on here^^

Let me guess, Volkswagen makes cars, because they want to make people more mobile and not for making money^^

Who believes that? Can someone name me one company, that is not there to make money? Especially in gaming? EA? Lol!

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