Kojima's Opus: Candice Says Goodbye to Metal Gear Solid

Kombo writes: "Where were you the day that Hideo Kojima closed the chapter of our beloved Metal Gear series? I, like anyone else who was a die-hard fan, was waited in breathless anticipation. The moment the disc slid into the PS3, I was nearly trembling with excitement and none of it could be held back. See, since Metal Gear Solid came out for the Playstation - I was hooked as ever. The ever baited worm on the hook whenever new details came out for a new game, a cleaned up special edition and god-forbid, a digital graphic novel. I have the posters, the patches, the dog tags and it with every title that came out.. the inertia picked up to almost mind blowing proportions. As a girl, I have very, very few gender-kin that can understand the beauty within the series.. and I always found myself hopelessly explaining the most intricate details to blank stares. My best friend, as amazing as she is, she can't manage to pull herself away from Bust-A-Move to even give Metal Gear Solid the time of day. This, well.. it pained me. I wanted to share it with someone else, you know? The way the store hooked me in, the way every single character chimed a chord in your heart and you felt for every one of them. Some of the most brilliant storytelling in any game series can be found within Hideo Kojima's universe, and man.. what a universe it is to be in."

Editor's note: This post is spoiler-free.

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Johnny Cullen3779d ago

A girl who likes Metal Gear Solid?


Wildarmsjecht3779d ago

one of the many reasons why i love my gf actually..almost as huge a fan as me. Yes, I am lucky. :D

juuken3779d ago

I love MGS too.
I only played MGS2 so far but this series rocks my poor socks. I shall master MGS4 and play the rest.

And I'm a girl too. ^-^

JoelR3779d ago

Candice Shane said:
"This should be the game people point to when they're asked, "Why do you play videogames?".. and people should proudly lift their head and say, "Because I lived in the day of Kojima at his prime."."

I totally agree ... this game raises the bar on interactive fiction and on game play both at the same time.

stuboy803779d ago

*crying * is this really the end of mgs please say its not dose hideo not have a son or something man my life is over nooooooooooo!*crying*