NBA 2K15 MyGM: Building a Dynasty in the Southwest Division

GoodGameBro writes, "Now that we have gotten some good information regarding 2K’s plans for NBA 2K15‘s revamped MyGM mode, it’s time to start looking ahead to planning out strategies to guide each of the teams in the game back to the top. Today is the first in a multi-part series to get you ready to dominate your NBA 2K15 MyGM with your favorite team.

A couple of caveats: we still don’t know if the game reflects trades involving future draft picks nor do we know how the game will handle draft-and-stash players like Bruno Coboclo or Dario Saric. For now, we’ll assume that all teams have their draft picks and that draft-and-stash players will not be available to join their NBA teams. We also will not be counting cap holds when looking at future cap room for teams, and we will assume that all team options and player options will be accepted.

All of that aside, let’s talk about the Southwest Division."

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