Nintendo World Report: Band Brothers DX Preview - Nintendo's answer to Rock Band, on the DS

Nintendo World Report writes: "Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (literally meaning "Grand Ensemble") is a music creation game and sequel of the original Band Brothers, one of the DS launch titles in Japan back in 2004.

The main part of the game has remained unchanged, hitting buttons and different directions on the d-pad in time with the music to onscreen prompts. In this new DX sequel, players can now sing along in the karaoke mode and receive a score based on their performance. It includes thirty tracks to play and sing along to.

Like the original version, DX has a "hum recognition system" which converts a player's humming into the microphone into real sheet music on screen. Different instruments can then be added to your songs as part of the in-depth music creation tool. In addition to that, all user-created music can now be shared online with friends across the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection."

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