5 Ways Capcom Can Save 'Resident Evil 7′

Things that needs to be considered in the next installment to the franchise.

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-Foxtrot1595d ago

The only way to save it is to reboot it and start all over again with the mansion.

You can't save what RE6 did to the overall story and characters.

Best thing to do is remake-reboot it and tell a different, alternative story which goes down a different path.

Same characters, similar story, different outcome.

DarkOcelet1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Hopefully the Remaster can pave the way to a remake of Resident evil 2 and Resdient evil 3 . That way we will not need a reboot . Maybe change the events of Resident evil 4,5,6.

-Foxtrot1595d ago

Well you could change the events of RE4 if they change the events of something "tiny" in the first game. The Butterfly Effect, change one small thing in the past and it could drastically change the future.

As I've said before, if they made a remake of the first RE but like the remake of Gamecube, they add even more rooms, more enemies, bit more backstory of certain things, more dialogue etc but then at the very end make it so the mansion doesn't blow up then it could change the entire course of history.

If the mansion dosen't blow up then Zombies/experiments will end up wandering into Raccoon City, the outbreak will happen earlier maybe just when STARS get back from the mansion and they are still in the city, Leon arrives when the city is under lock down and can't get it but sneaks in with Claire because she wants to find Chris and decides to help her (being the good guy he is), Ada then tags along because she wants to find her "boyfriend" John.

I mean that right there changes everything and that's only for Resident Evil 2. By the time we get to Resident Evil 4 with the plagas you could easily write the plagas out.

UltraNova1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I honestly doubt they can ever bring back the glory of became so diluted and lost in its own meaning that I truly believe this franchise is beyond saving.

Even if they went back and made it scary, filled with hard puzzles in a mansion like environment we would still complaint of being the same old thing we played 15+ years ago and that its too hard and irrelevant by today's standards...

The truth is we gamers dont know what we want..most of the time.

For me RE surrendered its guns with RE4 and on. It would take a miracle to save it in my eyes.

Dark-vash1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


The first RE had 2 endings, or 4, if you count the 2nd character. In any case, when STARS Members arrived to the mansion, Raccoon City was already reporting cases of people bitten by Dog's and Zombies.

The Remaster will bring nothing new. It's the Gamecube game with better definition. They added some new rooms and enemies comparative to the original (PS1). So expect the same game.

RE2 and RE3 happens at the same time, if done right, they could remake the two games in one.

RE Veronica was Awesome and I liked RE4, it was different but kept a lot of the mystic that RE had.

Revelations was a back to the past, but it could be better.

Right now, I'm completely disappointed with Capcom and the Resident Evil franchise. So my expectations are at minimum levels. I'm pretty sure that the next one (probably Revelations 2) will ruin the good things the 1st had.

iSpeakTruth__1594d ago

I'd actually prefer if the reboot focused on all new characters with a whole new storyline, that way its not really a rehash of the same thing

NovusTerminus1594d ago

No, they need to end the current characters. And start with an entirely new cast, starting after Leon, Chris and everyone's story is over.

Give one final game to tie up the current story, and then kick off a new group. No Wesker, no one even relating to Wesker, all new.

breakpad1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

man you re in my mind the exact thought ihad also ...the Resident evil Series should be remade from the start even from the first game with the same chars and similar be honest i didnt even liked some changes on RE remake (the red zombies and Lisa specifically)...they just need to look back to very 1st game(the best for me) and repeat his features...(no Hollywod cliche filter for colors, no presidents daughters ,no Lisa and other sick girl cliche,no QTE, no enemies wiht guns, no super villains, no over-whatever-grotesque monsters etcetc) ,,Resi 1 it was good and atmospheric beacause it was grounded and had a sense of realism...they need to repeat that

Genova841594d ago

I completely agree. A reboot is 100% necessary and the "remastered" gamecube version is 100% a waste of time. Capcom ... wtf?

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cfc781595d ago

Throw it a life preserver.

ape0071594d ago

a talented developement team is above all and judging by resi 6, they're not the same devs anymore

TXIDarkAvenger1594d ago

Actually have zombies. No gun/weapon wielding infected. Limited ammo so its little more intense rather than shooting everything in sight. Also puzzles.

iSpeakTruth__1594d ago

I just want Chris and Leon to sit this one out. Focus on other characters like Rebecca, maybe Sheva and Josh could come back (im probably in the minority, i really liked Sheva and Josh), or even Sherry and/or Claire. And please, no forced co-op and bring horror back.

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