Oculus Founder Thinks 'Very Highly' of Morpheus, but has 'Criticisms' of PS4

VRFocus - Up until Gamescom 2014 the relationship between Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) maker Oculus VR and the Project Morpheus VR HMD maker Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) seemed to be entirely friendly. And while last August’s event in Cologne, Germany by no means ruined that relationship, Oculus VR itself did touch upon some concerns it had with the device and its future. These were mainly to do with the commitment SCE itself was showing towards the device and the limitations of the PlayStation 4 console that Project Morpheus will run on. As for the HMD itself? Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey actually thinks ‘very highly’ of it.

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Fishermenofwar1501d ago

Release Oculus...see how its received...then chirp...

2cents1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Yup, that's what I was thinking.

Its all well and good having the muscle needed to make such a huge commitment as they are with oculus. But give credit when its due. Sony are making a VR solution for THEIR eco-system which includes developing multiple consoles, input devices, games, operating systems for the consoles etc... So there should be nothing to worry about. If gamers on the playstation platform support the tech it will be because of compelling software not only because of the tech. We already know the Morpheus is a nifty bit of kit, so as long as developers of games give us, the gamer, reason to buy, we will.

Sony isn't doing this for sh1ts and giggles, they believe in VR otherwise they would not have wasted their time or money on this endeavour.

I find it funny how Palmer Luckey has self appointed himself as the president of VR. All hail the king!!! S/.

Fishermenofwar1501d ago

Agreed 100%

Must be that Facebook money talking...LOL

Mr Pumblechook1501d ago

Palmer Luckey is just being insulting about the competition but he has no reason to sling mud.

He has created the Oculus Rift and the final product has so much great potential. So why the backhanded insults? He criticises Sony for [possibly] not supporting their product or the PlayStation 4 in eight years time!

The reality is he doesn't like a competing product to be on the market and he thinks he is in a position to pass judgement on all other products. He should just stop getting PR lessons from his investor Cliff Blezinski and just concentrate on delivering a product to market. Let that do the talking.

nX1501d ago

He sold out to Facebook, I mean come on... they are the ones with no first party content at all, they are the ones without connections to the gaming industry - he should be tge last one trash talking an.established platform holder.

XBLSkull1501d ago

Morpheus is very likely to flop. Gamers who spend $2000 on their gaming rigs will have no problem buying an Oculus. People who are budget gamers buying the cheap PS4 aren't going to spend the money on Morpheus which is likely going to cost as much as the system when you factor in camera $60, controller $50, and headset $200+

UltimateMaster1501d ago

Well, tbh, Microsoft spent more money on kinect games than what Sony did with the Move, even tough the sharp-shooter had real potential, Microsoft ended up making more kinect games for the Xbox 360 than PS3 did.

However, what I liked about the Move was the games that could be played by both the DS3 and Move. It gives you options and you're not limited to just one specific experience.

By my taste, PS Move had the better games with shooting games and Ninja Gaiden 3, they were really good control for really good games.

UltraNova1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

This guy is so obviously threatened by Sony's Morpheus potential 1st party support that he ends up trying to spread that never ending upgrading elitist notion of PCs just to take a jab at a fixed speced console.

Dear Mr. Luckey,

Nice try but its obvious you are very worried that when Naughty dog, Santa Monica etc make a Morpheus AAA game you will be playing catch up from that moment on even if you release a new, upgraded Rift every other year.

So please start thinking about how will you integrate Faceb into VR because in a couple years that's all you'll have time for and frankly be allowed to work on.

Yours Truly a VR Fan,

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Dubaman1501d ago

It's currently in development and those who have used it are already impressed with it. It's impressed Sony enough for them to want to create one of their own for the PS4 and today, a company has come out with plans to release their own VR headset. With what Oculus has come from and what they've done with the Rift, how they've brought to the mainstream what was once a pipe-dream and done it better than anyone thought it could be; they have more right than anyone to chirp about VR.

Fishermenofwar1501d ago

But like I said..get the product out there with a price and games and the public can decide...that's all...

Posturing like this isn't necessary...

Kennesu1501d ago

“We’ve been doing VR for this project for about three years, so we definitely started before Oculus was even funded,” Sony U.S. R&D senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov tells Digital Trends in a GDC interview. “

Dubaman1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


The product is available to buy and there are games and experiences, as well as training tools for surgery, space exploration and remote controlled robots which have a multitude of uses. It's still in development and already it's come further than the Morpheus which, as was pointed out by @Kennesu, has been in development for a longer period of time, with the backing of an entire Corporation.
IF the Morpheus is tied to the PS4 and can only be used on the system, then it will have limitations as a VR headset. It's most obvious is that the graphic quality will not be able to match what would be available to the Rift in say, 5 or 10 years time. For once, graphics and their fidelity actually matter when VR comes into it because you're trying to create a Virtual Reality.
Fact is, nobody knows what the Morpheus is capable of because it isn't available to use in the comfort of your own home yet. The Rift is and it's using better quality screens in order to give the best viewing experience possible because, once again, it matters this time round.
Though none of it really matters in the end. The only reason an article about Oculus Rift is so popular here is because it contains "criticism of PS4".

Ju1501d ago

5 or 10 years down the line is irrelevant because a console cycle last around 7 years...

Dubaman1501d ago

Have you just inadvertently said that the Morpheus will only last for lifetime on the PS4? If its only got 7 years doesn't that mean there's only about 6 left and there'll only be about 5 years left before the Morpheus has actually released? If so, isn't that a part of a whole point, that Oculus are stating in the article? Therefore a "criticism"?

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Evilsnuggle1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Let me tell you what the Oculus people have a problem and why they are constantly criticize Sony. It because Oculus feel like they have put VR in the spotlight . They want cash from Sony or to Co develop project Morpheus. Just like they did with Samsung . How do they criticize PS4 . But praise a smartphone . This a huge case of hypocrisy. The PS4 is much more powerful than any smartphone. But Oculus is fine with Samsung smartphone VR technology because they got pay. This is ridiculous bullsh#t


N4g_null1501d ago

LoL the problem is smarts phone will be supporting 4k displays this gen... even the phones will have a better screen than the morpheus. Then you have the apps stores which will simply have more content than sony 1st party.

I'm sorry the sony project looses in the end. It will be a cool first step but sony has been behind in vr for a long time. Why the Oculus rift was able to catch up literally over night is egg on sonys face.

Plus they will be fighting against phones and pc which are both open platforms pretty much. Sony would be better off just using their tech and making games for that.

For you guys to be tech hungry you should know sony is going to get smoked by these guys off sheer funding and lack of power in the ps4. Yes phones will be coming out with more power than a ps4. Sure the games may suck now but that can only last for so long.

We will see though.

dcj05241501d ago

He's concerned that the PS4 isn't powerful enough. VR requires 120FPS/2 and high graphical fidelity. To put that in perspective to get say Killzone,one of the best looking games on PS4 on VR it would run at a smooth and steady 15 fps. Yeah. Or say Call of Duty, that would be 30 fps which would cause motion sickness. You need a full 60 to be smooth, the higher the better. And with Oculus considering 4K that just adds to the experience. So yeah i'd be concerned too, but we haven't seen the PS4's full potential, i mean look at GTA V, looks impossible but there it is, we'll have to wait and see.

NeoGamer2321501d ago

Oculus Rift has been made easily available for over a year now. I got mine last summer and it wasn't hard find a way to purchase it.

My assessment... It is very nice and immersive. But 90% of people game with other stuff happening in real life around them that they have to pay attention to. As with every other attempt, it will be a fad that is only applied in niche scenarios. Rarely can a gamer ignore everything around them and focus solely on gaming without parents, siblings, friends, girlfriends, wives, or kids complaining.

For my experience after a few weeks it became just like every other immersive peripherial like other VRs, Kinect, and Move... Great ideas, but too much effort and not enough pay-off for me to walk away from my controller.

Kingdomcome2471501d ago

As much as Moprheus and the Oculus Rift intrigue me, I feel the same way. I'd love to use them, but it would be very situational. I always have something going on at my house that requires my attention. Of course you can just turn the headset off, and pause the game, but I just don't think it could work for me personally very often. For the times that I'm home alone I'd love it, but I'm not sure those rare opportunities alone justify the purchase for me personally. I guess a lot of it will come down to the price point, and whether or not I can justify it for limited use. If I was still living the bachelor life, I'd be all about it.

ABizzel11501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

His concerns are reasonable, and one that most PS gamers who are looking forward to Morpheus, such as myself, should be concerned with as well.

Will it be the next PS Move?

I hope not, and I don't think it will be simply because it's a completely new experience for mainstream consoles. Morpheus has the chance to revitalize the PS4 (not that it needs it yet), just like the Wiimote did for Nintendo and like Kinect did for the Xbox 360. This is why I don't think we'll see it until holiday 2015 where it can be priced reasonably $200, and keep the PS4 hype train in full motion.

The main thing is that there has to be a good number of games and developers supporting it Day 1, with many patching older games to offer support at launch too. Sony has to do a world tour so people can go to malls, or Sony Stores and try it out. It has to be effortless setting up, and playing with it on. Finally it needs to have steady and quality content. There needs to be at least 1 quality game per month for it, and at least 1 game the supports it per month, if it's not something you want to use most of the time you turn your PS4 on then it's going to become another Move / Kinect.

The good news is that Morpheus and Oculus are both sharing with one another, so PC game support should come to Morpheus as well helping with the game issue, and not leaving it solely to Sony. Another thing that helps is the PS4 is currently the best seller of the 3 consoles, and Sony now has more sway among developers to start supporting this device. So at worse I think Morpheus ends up like Kinect (some love it, most could care less), but I see the potential in Morpheus to provide that next-gen experience that's been missing so far this generation for me.

Will the PS4 be enough?

The short answer is yes, but the quality of a Morpheus game isn't going to be the same quality as a PS4 exclusive. For the best experience games are going to have to run 1080p @ 60fps, as well as make up for the Morpheus overhead. So playing top end PS4 games is unlikely, unless the overhead for Morpheus is completely insignificant.

Quality I can confirm would be mid-life PS360 / PC multiplat games, using the PC max settings, should run on the PS4 with Morpheus support no questions asked. Here are some examples:

Dirt 2 (Not Gran Turismo 7 quality, but this is easily doable w. Morpheus)

COD: MW3 (Not Killzone Shadowfall quality, but still good)

And frankly most PSN games should be able to hit 1080p @ 60fps with Morpheus support as well.

So that's the kind of quality you should at least expect from Morpheus with a serious developer (dev. making core games). And the best you can hope for is running PS4 exclusives without a hiccup.

So would you be satisfied with the level of quality of Dirt 2 or COD: MW3 as Morephus games? I would.

tman73021501d ago

He is not really chirping. If you actually read the article, he respects project Morpheus. He is just questioning (not criticizing) how they are gonna handle the product. Is it gonna be a another PS Move or are they really putting commitment into this? The headline is misleading.

harrisk9541501d ago

So true.... Oculus/Facebook is already "watering down" Oculus with the Samsung mobile phone version of the technology. At the end of the day, Oculus is going to have lots and lots of competition in the market and there is no guarantee that it will be the best VR experience out there. Obviously with the backing of Facebook it will most likely be the most marketed, but ultimately Oculus will have to produce. They appear to be on track to do that, but so does Sony with the Morpheus.

starchild1501d ago

Your comment is way off base. His intimate knowledge of VR and what makes it work is all he needs to be able to have an informed opinion about the things he commented on. Quit being oversensitive. He's not hating on the PS4 as a gaming device if you actually read his comments.

Besides, even after the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is released, and if it is successful, most of you would still get your panties in a bunch if he said anything similar to this.

The DK1 and DK2 versions of the Rift have already been a huge success and Oculus is at the forefront of the VR movement. They have insights into what makes VR work and they have a lot riding on it. Their concerns are perfectly reasonable and sensible.

jden281501d ago

Can we not do the fanboy thing. He has a legitimate concern. Sony didn't support the move on PS3 very well, so past indicates that maybe they'll do the same thing again. Not to mention the cost vs. demographic problem they're going to have, or the split market or Morpheus/ standard PS4 games. Which is what caused the lackluster support for the move in the first place. This thing when all is said and done is going to cost at least $300. And thats assuming is launches next that time the console itself will only be $350 so who's going o buy it. Who is going to pay $650 if they don't have a PS4.... and how many PS4 owners are going to pay $300 for something with only a fraction of the games coming to the system supporting it. Not to mention it will be the weaker of the two VR systems.

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windblowsagain1501d ago

Move can still be used today with PS4, Problem is not the move itself, But making games that use devices properly.

EverydayGuy1501d ago

If they release a bundle with move and camera for the same price or lower than Oculus then it will be worth while I think.

Eonjay1501d ago

"...and the console it appears to be tied to (It may be possible for them to make something good enough for now, but what about two years from now? Five years from now? Eight years?)”

Good point, but the very same could be said about every PC in everyone's home. Do we really expect for the average household computer or mid range GPU to be able to handle VR in 5 to 8 years. I don't think so. Looking at the GPUs from 5 and 8 years ago...

KYPRIME1501d ago

i know those guys like him that thinks people are buying every new gtx gpu nvidia releases

Niv1501d ago

Wonder if a samsung cellphone can handle Oculus?

ShadowWolf7121501d ago

"Oculus VR itself did touch upon some concerns it had with the device and its future. These were mainly to do with the commitment SCE itself was showing towards the device and the limitations of the PlayStation 4 console that Project Morpheus will run on."

...SCE's been pretty goddang committed, seeing as they've been improving and demo-ing the thing at every conference. And you can literally say the same thing about a household's PC: as VR improves, you'll have to upgrade your system or stay behind.

And to be perfectly frank, most of the made-for-Oculus games I've seen haven't exactly been cutting-edge intensive. Will that change? Yup, 100% sure it will. But that there is a bridge best crossed when we come to it.

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