Yet Another Game May Not Come To The Xbox One Due To Parity Clause

Acid Nerve's Titan Souls may never launch on the Xbox One. This is due to Microsoft's strange parity clause wherein indies need to launch their games on all platforms together or first on Xbox One.

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SpiralTear1497d ago

C'mon, Microsoft, drop the clause. It's only holding you back now.

Perjoss1497d ago

There's a lot more holding MS back then just this clause...

kneon1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Last gen because the 360 was leading the PS3 for years, this clause caused games to come out much later on the PS3, or sometimes not at all.

This gen it's working against them, with the XB1 trailing so far behind the PS4 many small devs would rather just ship on the PS4 and skip the XB1 all together.

Fewer games is never good, despite what completely delusional fanboys might want you to believe.

tehpees31497d ago

Indies have never liked Microsoft. Nothing new here.

darthv721497d ago

That seems to be a bit of a blanket statement.

i seem to recall indies didnt like their product placement in the XBL marketplace so MS made a special section just for them.

it certainly made finding their style of games much easier since then. But to say indies "never" liked MS....yeah, no. Indies got more promotion on the 360 than the ps mini did on the PS3 (mini's are indie games too).

Volkama1497d ago

It's the first of the sensationalist parity clause reports that actually makes it sound like more than an urban myth.

I'd still like to see this clause on some formal documentation, or better yet see some correspondence from Microsoft that proves a game gets denied release. Seems like a pretty simple thing a gaming journalist could explore properly.

porkChop1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

So you need more proof than the mountains of devs complaining about the parity clause, and who are NOT releasing their games on XBO? Come on, man. This isn't fake, just open your damn eyes.

Volkama1496d ago

Yes, because there are numerous examples of games released on the One after the PS4, and 0 solid examples of a dev having a problem.

This is the first one that actually sounds like he has seen this policy defined somewhere.

How hard can it be to source some correspondence that confirms the details?

porkChop1496d ago

I assume you're talking about games like Outlast which released later on XBO. Those games are exempt from the clause because the developer signed up as an Xbox developer after the initial games release. The parity clause only affects devs who are already signed up and whose games have not yet been released. Microsoft does make some exceptions though for really popular, high profile developers. But for most developers, they either have to launch on Xbox first, or simultaneously, or they can't launch their game on Xbox at all. For smaller teams it's extremely difficult to launch games on so many platforms at once, that's why they have to stagger the platform launches.

Volkama1496d ago

Someone else said that above, but what's the source? The outlast dev said they went through the standard application process, and no parity clause was ever mentioned.

That could be because caveats around when they sign up, it could be around the established success of the game, or it could be a as temporarily waving the clause because they're struggling vs the PS4.

But if sites want to continuously report on this clause and not establish any facts about it then they are being sensationalist, and the articles carry very little worth.