A Thank You to Sony, Microsoft and Bungie for a smooth Destiny launch

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Aside from maybe a few isolated incidents, this week’s launch of Destiny was about as smooth as one could hope for. I don’t know how many people purchased the game, but judging by the $500 million in day one sales and the record-breaking pre-order numbers, I’d assume quite a few. And ya know what? I didn’t think anything of it."

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brbobcat1497d ago

Been on the fence with this one. Good to hear the servers are stable, but how's the gameplay? Please, constructive advice only

Riggans421497d ago

Take it for what it is and don't expect the world from it and you might enjoy it. It isn't ground breaking. Just solid.

admiralvic1497d ago

Living in the world of reality and not hype and unrealistic expectations, Destiny is the gaming equivalent of a TV show that thinks it's better than it actually is.

The story? While it might sound like trolling, I don't like saying Destiny had a story, as there really wasn't a definitive climatic moment to your journey. You just sort of putz around doing stuff for one reason or another until you finally hit the black garden in what never felt like the end point, but is the end point leading into one of those generic "you won the battle, but hey, there is still a war" statements. However, there is actually a lot of story / detail going on if you bother to take the card and read every card you unlock off Bungie's site.

Gameplay? The gameplay is relatively unchanged from what was in the beta / alpha, which isn't bad, just a little anticlimactic. Higher tier weapons and armor work largely like lower tier ones, just with different designs, maybe a few extra animations and such. Arguably the worst part of the games design is that you're practically forced to play the game a certain way if you want to progress.

Like I hit level 20 with relative ease in a day, but if I want to hit 21+ you need to find things with the light stat. The only consistent way I found to get these items was playing vanguard strikes, though there are probably other methods besides that. Beyond that, as you might be aware from the beta or alpha, a lot of other things are heavily regimented, such as you can only get 100 vanguard and crucible marks a week, so after a certain point it's better to walk away than constantly grinding for gear alone.

Despite all the negativity, it's still a fun game, it could just be a lot better or at least better accomplish its goals with some minor changes. I also noticed that as I leveled and did higher tier strikes, my drop rate seemed to get higher. Still unsure if that is correlation or causation, but I've remained relatively consistent at 7 or so items a strike. Other things, such as the strike bosses, are certainly geared towards teamwork and a good team can beat them with relative ease, where as 1 bad player can bring down the whole team (1 good player doesn't seem to be enough to save a bad team though).

Not a whole lot more to it that that. To sum it up I guess, the story is basically a 10 hour introduction to the game and from there you start your grind towards most interesting things. These things are not easily accessible and push you to just constantly grind and progress forward until you luck out and get something you want or can make better use of than your current gear.

JoGam1497d ago

I heard Guerrilla Games new game is si-fi. If true, I hope they learn from the good and bad with Destiny and Killzone.

Hanuman1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

IGN's 'review in progress' is a pretty good read if you want to find out more about this game. Just wait for the reviews until you make up your mind. If you haven't bought it yet, you can probably wait a few more days.

swice1497d ago

Destiny is a gamers game, not for the casual. You have to know how to properly play a Bungie game, and should have a decent amount of experience in other games, like Halo, Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Doom.

If you keep your expectations lower than most of the crazy people on the Internet, and understand what Destiny is trying to do, you will find some good new old-fashioned satisfaction. I'm enjoying this as a true next-gen GAME, not some multimillion dollar movie.

Also, head shots. Headshots. Headshots. Bungie style

JeffGUNZ1497d ago


You have to know what you're getting before you jump in. If you're looking for a single player, quickly beat the campaign, your going to be disappointed. I have 9 hours 54 minutes into the game so far and I still only did a few missions on venus. I keep taking my time, leveling up, getting rare gear now (level 15 Hunter) and taking my time. It's about the gear and the guns. It's about building the best/strongest guardian in the game.

tlougotg1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Ive played Halo maybe once and it wasnt that serious to go back too and i really didnt play Borderlands, Mass Effect, Doom or any of those games and i assure i didnt need to play any of those games to play this Bungie game properly or enjoy it to an extent. This game isnt groundbreaking and is kind o generic and repetitive in nature. Nor does it have a big learning curve, youll get it as soon as you play it for a little so idk what your going on about lol needing experience with Bungie games.

On that note Destiny is like a 7.5 imo and has solid gameplay but its really repetitive and over hyped. This in no way imp will be even close to a goty contender.

swice1497d ago


"Ive played Halo maybe once and it wasnt that serious to go back too and i really didnt play Borderlands, Mass Effect, Doom or any of those games"

That's my point. That's probably why you aren't enjoying yourself as much, because you have different expectations of the game. Destiny is generic in the sense we've seen this type of gameplay before, but it expands on it and requires that you know what you're doing in order to get the full experience. This is a game of skill and proper ability/equipment management.

No you don't HAVE to play the other games, but having some of those experiences under your belt will make Destiny easier to understand and more fun to play

UnwanteDreamz1497d ago

You got to lvl 20 in a day? Been playing since the release only lvl 11. Do you work or go to school?

its_JEFF1497d ago

@swice & @JeffGUNZ GEAR & GUNZ! It's about the LOOT.

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DefenderOfDoom21497d ago

reply to brbobcat question /// From someone who loves FPS campaigns / I think the gameplay is great ! The battle scenarios are very fun and somewhat challenging . I wish DESTINY ran at 60fps like WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER . But they do throw a lot of enemies at you , and the shooting and lining up enemies, is pretty good . I think that it is cool that random players come in and out of your game . Now i have played 6 story missions and to me it a FPS grind type game . Which i enjoy very much . If you are looking for EPIC STORY GAME, i do not think you will find that in DESTINY . But if you enjoy shooting all kind of enemies and you like getting armor , weapons , power upgrades ect. Then i recommend playing DESTINY . I hope this helps.

3-4-51496d ago

* Gameplay is awesome.

I usually find a nice balance of doing a Story Mission, then 5-6 Crucible matches, then Side Patrol Missions & then a strike.

Then I'll do another Story mission, crucible,ect....

It keeps the pacing fresh and allows me to experience the entirety of the game without rushing through it all.

I LOVE this game. Some may not.

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MonsterChef1497d ago

Games as good as you let it be, this Gen I have a feeling that media sites are hyping every game to be this earth shattering revolutionizing game that needs to change things, forgetting that a new game just has to be fun to be good

JoGam1497d ago

To be fair, Destiny had its own legs. It wasn't the media who hyped it. Bungie is the creators of Halo and is a great studio. So when we heard they were creating this new game and all the fun facts we just assumed it would be great.

MonsterChef1497d ago

You do got a point there, I like destiny it gives me my halo gameplay that I've missed since I went with Sony exclusively this Gen.. Single player is fun to play with friends is the story telling deep? Well when you play the last of us every other games story just feels hollow to me but still really enjoying and the scenery is beautiful, love this game

DanielGearSolid1497d ago

Most of the media actually wasnt to big on Destiny until that beta


Game launch was smooth as butter, game itself runs smooth as butter. Thanks Sony, MS and Bungie :D

UnwanteDreamz1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Agreed, great job. I've had zero issues from day one. Impressive given the popularity.

Eonjay1497d ago

All those articles (literally dozens) predicting nuclear fallout were completely wrong.

RAFFwaff1497d ago

Oh my God. Get a life. Clickbait. Oh, 'thank you mr. microsoft, mr Sony, blah blah'. Embarrassing.

Imalwaysright1497d ago

Agreed. Why are people thanking them for basically doing their job without screwing their paying costumers? That shouldn't be something to be thankfull for, it should be the standard.

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