Nintendo, Ambrella and The Pokémon Company Files Patent for Pokemon Handheld Device

An official patent from Nintendo, Ambrella and The Pokémon Company filed on March 7th went public today; the patent details a new Pokemon handheld device.

Specifically it is an "information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and recording medium."

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Kurisu1500d ago

Sounds like it could be a real Pokeball.

3-4-51500d ago

* A device to store ALL your pokemon on.

You can then connect this device to the New 3DS, or the Next Nintendo console via BC.

Basically you could always use this device to store your pokemon in between games or to switch them between all recent games easily.

Kurisu1500d ago

Bet some people are hoping you're an insider right now! =p

LazyGoron1500d ago

It's a pokedex!

It has to be some sort of toy for kids and not a primary gaming device. Nintendo wouldn't allow that, their 3DS sales (or whatever handheld is currently being supported) to diminish some if they let pokemon have a significant place to play outside of their handhelds.

Remember those pocket friends from the early 90's? Maybe they're coming back!

levian1500d ago

"Specifically it is an 'information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and recording medium'"

Totally sounds like a pokedex! Maybe they're planning on making pokemon Amiibos and this device will go along with it?

TXIDarkAvenger1500d ago

All 719 of them as Amiibos LOL.

Fadetoblack691500d ago

Sounds like what they should have done with the 3DS in the first place. Basically a handheld pokedex that lets you encounter wild pokemon in the 'real' world; battle and collect them and also encounter other 'real' players (i.e. trainers) and have live battles.

Basically playing pokemon for real, training them and possibly even having 'league' tournaments for people around the world. Think of a real-world MMO game.

Not really into pokemon myself but this could be a lot of fun for fans (If they do it correctly).

MasterCornholio1500d ago

The device could use NFC technology and they can install the chips (AKA Pokemon) in all sorts of places. Everything from cards to happy meals from McDonalds can contain these sorts of things. Imagine posters announcing a new Pokemon game that gives away a free Pokemon with one of these chips. The possibilities are endless. Nintendo just has to execute it right that's all.