Forza Horizon 2 Is The Project Gotham Racing Game You've Been Waiting For - NowGamer

NowGamer: PGR might be dead, but it certainly isn't forgotten. A recent hands-on with Forza Horizon 2 reveals it might just be the sequel we've been waiting seven years to play.

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Edward751499d ago

So many great driving/racing games in the next 6 months! It'll be nice to get some of the different play styles from them all. I don't know which I'm more interested in, this or Driveclub. I know... I'll get both!

Spid3r61499d ago

The Crew was looking good and even Driveclub...Forza Horizon 2 came out of nowhere and is looking to be the best of the three. Cant wait!

qwerty6761499d ago

graphics can be argued, but forza gameplay always just seemed a step ahead for being the most fun racing game.

weirdo1499d ago

driveclub plays closer to gotham than horizon. anyway, xbox driving fans should pick up horizon as it should satisfy their needs

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Father__Merrin1499d ago

I'd say driveclub is more Pgr there's no doubt about that, I've always seen it as a spiritual successor in a way

system221499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

dc is made by a lot of the same people that made pgr. it has about the same type of (smallish) car selection and lack of tuning/customization that pgr does. its closed track on fictitious tracks like pgr and rewards drivers more on their tricks than simply beating a clock like pgr. forza horizon is open world, has some degree of tweaking, tons more cars (like forza5) and uses a completely different game design.

Torque_CS_Lewith1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

PGR 4 had a total of 136 vehicles, that's more than double DC so I can't give you that, closer to FH2's 200 than DC's anemic 50.
FH2 like FH1 and PGR awards the player for stylish driving
Playground Games is also partially made up of ex Bizzare Creations team members
FH2 like PGR features a lot of car manufactures from across the globe and not just Europe. That is to say PGR had Japanese cars. So does FH2. DC not so much.
FH2 promotes fun over all else, much like PGR did. DC seems so serious like.

I believe Horizon is what PGR would have evolved into. DC seems to take the PGR formula and removes the fun (lightness) out of it and gives you less cars while at it.
To put it plainly, DC is more like a spiritual ancestor brought forward to PGR. Horizon is where PGR lives on.

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