Metal Gear Solid 4: Wonderfully weird

Writes a Globe & Mail game reporter:

"I enjoy the Metal Gear Solid games, but I sure don't understand them.

I've played this metaphysically tinged and highly philosophical stealth/action franchise faithfully for more than a decade, but it still confuses the heck out of me. I get lost trying to keep straight all of the different characters codenamed "Snake" (there's Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Naked Snake, Solidus Snake, Old Snake...I think I might be missing one or two), and the series' occasional dabbling in consciousness transference and alternate realities never rests well with me (I scratched my head bald-see bio shot to the left-trying to discern the meaning of much of the second half of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty).

Still, here I am, trying to make sense of the franchise's latest game, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, one of the first true mega-games to be released exclusively for Sony's PlayStation 3 and purportedly the final adventure for its eponymous hero, Solid Snake.

My brow furrowed immediately as the game opened with, of all things, a mini-documentary on octopuses. It wasn't until midway through the first chapter that I realized it was a reference to Snake's new camouflage suit, which allows him to blend in with his environment.

I was equally baffled later on by the seemingly random insertion of video footage showing a couple of eggs being fried. I think it's supposed an eccentric, David Lynchian reference to the title of the chapter in which it appears-Liquid Sun-but I have yet to progress far enough to understand just what the phrase "liquid sun" means, if anything.

Then there are the weird bits of text in the game's environment the meanings of which are opaque at best, such as the motto stamped on the side of a weapon dealer's tank: EYE HAVE YOU. Is it a clumsy attempt at wordplay? A case of bad Japanese-to-English translation? Or is there something more significant there?

As is often the case in Metal Gear Solid games, it's difficult to know...."

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BulletToothtony3958d ago

videos about the mgs story..

It only takes about an hour and it definitely helps out...

Funny people don't have an hour to watch that but have an hour to complain about the story.

ravinash3958d ago

I did that and it really helped me out.

Shinro3958d ago

My first MGS game was MGS3. then 2. then 4.

But never did it cross my mind that i didn't understand the story. What the hell's so complex about it anyway?

It's been really epic with a lot of twist and turns, but as far as i see it, the plot is really understandable. the way the story was told was also easy to follow.