REVIEW: The Sims 4 [The Metropolist]

eal life simulators, god games, digital dollhouses – call them what you will, these genres have been fulfilling our desires to build, experience and then completely screw up the lives of others for years (these ‘others’ being tiny virtual beings, who are subject to our will). The real success of this genre depends upon how accurately the game in question can recreate real world situations, enter The Sims. This series of ‘digital dollhouses’ has become the benchmark name in real life simulators and few titles can match its depth of customisation and exploration into the lives of virtual people quite like The Sims.

Those of you who spent their childhoods decorating dollhouses, building high-tech spy bases out of Lego and forcing Barbie and Action Man to have awkward inanimate sex, should feel right at home in The Sims (especially for that last part).

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