Teen Girls Create ‘Tampon Run’ – A Game That Makes A Statement While You Throw Tampons At People

GameDevs - Here’s something you don’t see everyday – an 8bit game about menstruation and throwing tampons at dudes in pink hats. The social statement it makes is bloody good too (sorry!)

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masterfox2593d ago

Good job girls this will earn you respect towards women/girls on this gaming industry.

Gh05t2593d ago

I call BS! There are a lot of things that are NATURAL that are not talked about in polite conversation and are not sensationalized like "violence and guns."

Waste and or Excrement
Genitals (Our society calls them "PRIVATE PARTS" FFS! yet they are natural)
and more...

There are plenty more things that are natural that we don't talk about and its not to SHAME anyone. This game on the other hand is SHAMING boys since according to the article it doesn't say you peg other women with tampons but only men. I find that a little ironic since "Yet most people, women and men alike, feel uncomfortable talking about anything having to do with menstruation."

Needless to say its personal insecurities not societal. There are commercials for tampons all over the TV. If you feel embarrassed to buy a box for your significant other than that's YOUR problem not a societal one. I see more commercials for tampons on TV than for Guns. Should a person feel embarrassed when they have to buy athletes foot spray, or jock itch cream, or hemorrhoid creme... Maybe I should throw some of that on a person to "Raise Awareness" about how its just natural.

T1Publishing2593d ago

Some great points well said here. I award you a bubble sir.