5 Recently Announced Games That Could Break the Records

EasyGuidez:Here we are with the list of 5 Recently Announced Games That Could Break the Records

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DougLord1588d ago

None of these will even go platinum.

Sayburr1588d ago

Isn't Silent Hills a game that always goes Platinum? I have not played any of the series, but it seems that one is a sure fire "hit".

I don't see any of the others being much... but then again, I can't see the future and how games will be received.

Sayburr1588d ago

"01- ScreamRide" - Seems like a silly concept, but I keep seeing this game on a lot of "top" lists. When I first heard about it I quickly let it slip out of my mind, but with the slow burn hype behind it, I guess I will have to learn a little more.

WeAreLegion1588d ago

The Walking Dead will do well. Overkill is a great studio.

Silent Hills will do well, too. The PT was a hit with everyone.

Wild will be a fantastic game, but it won't sell. :/

Scream Ride and Shadow Realms will do alright.

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