TGC Review: Destiny (PS4 & Xbox One)

"With all the marketing and hype ramped up to new levels over the last couple of weeks, with promises of a game-changing title from Bungie, it's hard to not feel a little let down with the final product." - TGC

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REDGUM1500d ago

Although I haven't purchased the game just yet, I will though. This sounds like a fair and honest review.
What do ya recon gamers (who have brought & played it) is it worth the purchase?

LazyGoron1500d ago

Yes, if you enjoy coop and RPG elements. I'd say it's a mini-team RPG as opposed to a "MMO". From my experience no one really joins my game but my friends and I haven't been a part of a random public event yet (level 7).

If you don't enjoy grinding and looting and leveling up characters, I'd suggest you stay away. It's not a substitute for BF or COD games, just two different animals.

buttclown1500d ago

To me it is a good game getting better. I didn't like it at first and was almost having to force myself to play it but now I am lvl 14 (think it caps at 20 or a little after) and getting better loot, tougher enemies, and the game is just generally getting more interesting. I can't speak to the pvp in the retail game but if it's the same as beta was then it won't be a feature I use often if at all.

And @LazyGoron, I probably have about 10-12 hours of game time into this game at lvl 14 and have only done one public event in the cosmodrone. I know it has to be when you are doing the patrol missions (side quests, those blinking beacons) but they seem too rare and definitely don't happen enough. They also should allow you to have a waypoint to a public event when it comes.

daBUSHwhaka1500d ago

The co-op is a blast,3 player fireteams is a bit of a let down mind you.PvP blows big time.But there's fun to be had,if a little limited.

BiggerBoss1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I must be in the minority, I love the pvp in Destiny. It's not Halo, and it's not COD. I went into it with an open mind and I find it very addicting

khellendros11500d ago

I'm loving it. Don't listen to the people hating on it. It's going to be a game I'm playing for a long time. There are a couple of things I don't like though. First you can only play with 2 other friends unless you play on Crucible. Second, you can't trade weapons with your fireteam members. Other than that it's excellent.

BiggerBoss1500d ago

I like that you can't trade items. It makes players actually work to get what they want. However they should definitely try to increase the fire team size

Flamingweazel1500d ago

Seems the press is afraid to give it lower scores despite the game being pretty derivitive and mediocre...Sad, 8 is too high for destiny, such bad bland design. All early impressions were not very positive. Biggest disappointment of the year easy.

HiddenMission1500d ago

one bubble and that's how you use it.

1st off the game is not bland...let me be clear I have 25 years in art so I can easily say it's not bland. On top of those 25 years of art I have around 25 years of gaming so again I can say it's not bland. I play pretty much every game that comes out for consoles for over the past 2 and a half decades so I know what I'm talking about.

Your trolling here the title is insanely impressive and very deep. If you skip it then the only one who loses here is you but I'm betting you're simply trolling because of the hate train right now but when you get home you're hopping on Destiny that I'm sure of. lol

DarkOcelet1500d ago

I think he was talking about the repitition in the game . I mean its so damn repetitive seriously , its not bad , just repetitive and i expected more than that a bigger open world that could last me 100 hours like borderlands , fallout and many rpg games that follow suit . And i honestly expected much better from Bungie .

HiddenMission1500d ago


Okay so I've sunk about 20 plus hours in already and I've only been to a few locations out of many and those were just the story with a little of the patrol mixed in. The worlds are a lot larger but most are not exploring or they are and are hitting the areas with the ??? lvl enemies and turning back.

Since we can't traverse those areas yet we don't really have any idea how big the worlds are.

As far as repetition how can you say that there is story mode, co-op, MP, open world and RPG features. If it's repetitive then every FPS, hack n slash, RPG, puzzle game ever is in the same boat...

It's like you guys act like every game ever made weren't built around specific mechanics and structures that could be perceived as repetitive to a consumer who either doesn't normally enjoy that type of content or is burnt out on it.

Just saying that you come off as following a hate train but aren't really thinking deeply on your comments because I just tore it apart with simple logical facts...

MysticStrummer1500d ago

"8 is too high for destiny, such bad bland design."


"All early impressions were not very positive."


"Biggest disappointment of the year easy."

I can think of two other games that were far more hyped and ended up being mediocre.

Boody-Bandit1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"I can think of two other games that were far more hyped and ended up being mediocre."

Watch Dogs an Titanfall.

Having played all 3 of them it's my opinion that Destiny is the best of the 3. Watch Dogs being 2nd and TF last. TF was WAY too bare bones and it wore off faster than any FPS game I have ever played that initially I had a blast with going in. Not enough modes, weapons or content and the campaign was horrible and felt tacked on. More like a glorified tutorial of how to play the game passed off as a campaign.

WD wasn't a bad game it just had a really lack luster story and characters that I just couldn't get into. The gameplay was decent but car mechanics just didn't feel right. The stealth elements were done and some of the gizmos and gadgets were great. I just it was better optimized and a higher level of graphic fidelity.

Destiny I think is a really great looking and playing game. The net code is absolutely excellent (great hit detection and no latency. At least I haven't experienced any) but after playing it for several hours straight it honestly is starting to have a repetitive feel to it. I have a few friends that are already reaching really high levels and they swear to me the higher you go in rank the better the game gets. So I am holding out hope this is true.

buttclown1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Yeah it definitely gets more interesting and loot drops seem better the higher level you are, am currently level 14, but it does feel way too repetitive. I also wish public events happened more often.

I think it is mostly because you are either not distracted enough or not engaged enough. With the first couple Halos Bungie did it was the same type of thing, go here, shoot that, insert cortana, defend, done. But, it had an interesting enough setting, story, and characters for you to not notice.

HiddenMission1500d ago


I can tell you that I'm almost lvl 20 and it's getting way better and the vids I've seen of end game content it's a ton of fun.

We as gamers need to keep this in mind it's an FPS by nature so there is only so many things it can do being focused on that genre. As an FPS focused title it does have a lot to offer those that like or enjoy that type of game in the form of different modes to partake in.

I for one am not a big FPS nut but I do love me some exploring and that really is the strength for me. What people are quickly overlooking is the patrol option for each world. This feature has you coming across deep caverns to explore that have you popping up an hour later on a different side of a world...and your thinking holy shit how did I get here.

People need to spend more time with the title and not fixate on the shooting aspect because there is much more to it than that if you can step outside the box and look at the whole picture.

Just saying in my honest opinion

danowat1500d ago

It's not a bad bland design, I'd say the design is probably one of the best things about it.

They have built a very nice framework, but seem to have forgotten about the game that fills that framework.

It has serious potential, and even in it's current state it's a lot of fun.

SaffronCurse1500d ago

Does anyone else think that the game was maybe held back due to the 360 and Ps3 version?

darrellv1500d ago

This review was idiotic. The guy would contradict himself constantly and when he said multiplayer was shocking, at first i thought he was panning it but then i couldn't tell if he thought it good shocking or bad shocking because he later said how much fun it was and ended up giving the multiplayer a high score.

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