What Microsoft Buying Minecraft Means for You

"So Microsoft might be buying Minecraft, no joke. In fact, this is one industry news outlet Bloomberg had to say overnight; "[Marcus 'Notch' Persson] reached out to Microsoft a few months ago, based on a positive working relationship on Minecraft for Xbox. The two companies quickly agreed on a framework and approximate price and have been working out the details since, the person said. Persson will help out with the transition, though he is unlikely to remain beyond that. The software maker calculates it can boost Minecraft sales by expanding the number of game users through Microsoft’s position in video games and computers, and by expanding licensing for things like toys and movies.”

So what does that mean? How is it going to affect ordinary Minecraft players?" - Grab It

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SlappingOysters3570d ago

Is Minecraft the type of game that would have a Minecraft 2? I would have thought not, so what will they do with it? Turn it into the next solitaire, where ever Windows has it?

scark923569d ago

I do not think 'Minecraft 2' can be as powerful in regards to innovative gameplay to what Minecraft did, personally I think its a bad investment as they are unable to remove the original Minecraft from the other platforms.

qwerty6763569d ago

theres many things minecraft 2.0 could do to push the game forward

they could add even more mmo/rpg elements with bigger worlds and better server hosting.

DoomeDx3569d ago

Better worlds? PC version world size is infinite. It doesnt end until your hard drive is full. Yeah..That means you can pretty get a bigger world then planet earth if have you like a terrabyte of storage.

RPG elements are also already there on the PC version. Called McMMO

DevilOgreFish3569d ago

Microsoft has project spark, they should just work on that more.

DeadRabbits3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

M$ will find a way to slap some lipstick and rouge on it to pimp it on the streets again!

3568d ago
mrpsychoticstalker3570d ago

This news just announced and already millions of fans showing their hate towards Minecraft..... What happened?

It's still the same fun and addictive game.

SlappingOysters3570d ago

I didn't think the article painted a picture of hate towards Minecraft?

cruzngta3569d ago

Its cuz MS did the purchasing. If Sony did it then it would be a great move. So much biased on this site that it can make you sick. They did it because they can and that is the truth. Get over it people. Like you said its still the same fun game dont hate it now cuz MS owns it.

WeAreLegion3569d ago

Oh, knock it off. If Sony bought Minecraft, we would all be just as angry. There is no "biased on this site".

gangsta_red3569d ago


Stop it! You know well and good that NO ONE would be angry on this site if Sony was rumored to do the same.

And why would anyone be angry if any company did buy Mojang?

That is the real question.

tlougotg3569d ago

Same ppl, same dumb a%% responses. You guys dont get tired of writing same tiring a%% comments in every article? If Sony did it...... blah blah blah blah

like the vgchartz comments too "its vgchartz so you cant trsust the numbers" every %ucking article lol SMFH

taylork373569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )


I have no reason to be happy with MS buying minecraft since I only own a PS4 on next gen, but I have been around this site long enough (5+ years) to know that there is an obvious bias towards Sony (warranted or not).

Cruzngta isn't too far by saying that if Sony bought Minecraft, it would be looked at as a good thing on this site and another reason why "Sony is killing it and will continue to outpace MS."


Hell, I would be a lot more happy knowing Sony bought it.

MasterCornholio3569d ago

I own a PS4 but if Sony did it I would be mad. The thought of a multiplatform game becoming exclusive bugs the heck out of me. No matter who buys the franchise.

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scark923569d ago

I will never take your comments seriously.
No one is hating Minecraft.

DarkHeroZX3569d ago

I see no hate. Only thing I see from people is how stupid a move this is for MS. 2billion for MC? That coulfa been better spent else where.

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Splatterpus3570d ago

This is one to keep an eye on. Strap yourselves in, this could get interesting!

hello123569d ago

Microsoft hasn't even confirmed any of this yet. We don't know the in's and outs just yet.

Tzuno3569d ago Show