FIFA 15: PS4 vs Xbox One HD Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One version of FIFA 15.

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Metallox1524d ago

Even then they look the same, I think.

qwerty6761524d ago

xbox one looks to have a tad bit more vibrant color.

qwerty6761524d ago

?? setting aside fanboys bias just watch the video

the xbox one fifa has more vibrant colors. if you cant see that idk what to tell you man.

ocelot071524d ago

The looks pretty much looks the same to be honest. Xbox One looks just that tiny bit darker even then I had to look really close.

hkgamer1524d ago

video not loading for me.

but heres my comment

im guessing graphics are very similar. in a sports games it doesnt matter too much.

what matters more is input lag, net code and loading times.

sizeofyou1524d ago

I'm more interested in how it plays - and to be honest, it feels a step down from FIFA 14. Can see what they've tried to do, but don't think it works. Goalies are now too invincible and I struggle to get a player to the bounce of a clearance. CPU players hold the ball for way too long, taking on players when realistically they'd pass and the short passes at free kicks and goal kicks are not normal! It's nice presentation generally although taken out the selected highlights by the look of it - but still feels less solid in the game somehow.
Cancelling my pre-order, will see what PES is like but resigned to a year without football.

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