Gamedaily: NASCAR 09 Review - NASCAR 09 stalls in spots, but still hits the finish line

Gamedaily writes: "EA Sports continues to push behind its exclusive NASCAR license, releasing yet another virtual simulation of the sport for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, rather than just slap together a thoughtless, barely updated edition of last year's NASCAR 08, it decided to do its homework and make a game that was approachable not only to hardcore fans of the popular motor sport, but casual ones as well. Because of this, NASCAR 09 succeeds, despite some nagging issues.

In NASCAR 09, like previous games in the series, you'll race around a series of oval tracks that go in one general direction for multiple laps. That's not to say the racing isn't intense, however. There's a focus on competition, where you try to keep a leg up on other drivers while listening to your pit captain and keeping an eye on things. Sometimes it can get rough, being NASCAR and all. Tony Stewart may feel implied to plow you into a wall, merely for the sake of keeping the lead."

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