Performance Analysis: Destiny on Xbox One

Eurogamer: With our full Face-Off feature under way for this weekend, it's the Xbox One release of Destiny that poses the biggest questions. Having already seen Diablo 3 go from 900p to a full 1080p (albeit with some occasional frame-rate hits), Eurogamer now have Bungie's sci-fi goliath attempting to pull off the very same technical wizardry. But given its ambitious, effects-heavy, open-world design, has matching the PS4's full-HD output required any downgrades elsewhere?

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jackanderson19851501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

to sum it up, no real hit, one hiccup to 28FPS... basically the same as the PS4 version

to sum it up even better YAY FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

Volkama1501d ago

It does look noticably better than the beta, but honestly I think I would have preferred that they addressed the dodgy shadowing before bumping the resolution.

kneon1501d ago

Well it's also on 360 and ps3 so I expect that's holding it back a bit. I was never impressed by the graphics or visual effects in this game.

Volkama1501d ago

The old gen limitations definitely show through the general scope and design of the maps, but shouldn't really hinder things like shadows and anti-alaising.

XB1_PS41501d ago

Most people would rather have 1080p instead of some shadows. It's a tricky game to play, but the 1080p number is the seller. If it was 900p, that's all anyone would have focused on. Bungie made the right decision, because if they would have went with 900p there would be a lot more complaining than just you saying you want shadows.

donthate1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

kneon & volkama:

this game was simply more of the same, just what the PS4 really is, more of the same.

You people talk about next generation games, but even on PC do I hardly see "anything next generation". They are all just graphical updates and the same game mechanics.

The only game so far that pushed that boundary significantly is Titanfall with the massive cloud support, and even then it was doable on the Xbox 360.

Sooo pleasse tell me what "next generation game"?

The fact of the matter is we are reaching a point where hardware no longer holds back game mechanics and design except for massive computation and data availability i.e. the cloud. However, the cloud is almost independent of the console.

Everything else are mostly visuals and very minor tweaks.


People might complain about the number before the p, or the fps in comparison, but that is dying down now.

Put up two games, 900p and 1080p and you cannot tell the difference unless you really look and even then it is marginal at best. Same thing with fps, you need consistent fps whatever it is.

XB1_PS41501d ago

I'm not sure what your point is.

The numbers matter more than the results.

Also, the FPS is a huge difference. Immediately distinguishable.

MrPink20131500d ago

So removing Kinect did indeed help the Xbox One get closer to parity of the PS4. Good news for Xbox One owners. Will be interesting to see how The Witcher 3 stacks up including the PC. That game will truly be next generation and not a launch title on the new consoles. Should show a good representation of how all the the systems compare.

gootimes1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


Titanfall's massive Server support did what for it exactly that other games didn't do already? Please be specific.

If PS4 is more of the same in your eyes, then what is the X1? What is the X1 doing that is sooo next gen? You just sound salty in general to me honestly.

Tedakin1500d ago

People only care about resolution. It can look like crap as long as it's 1080p and people are happy, because people are nuts.

GameNameFame1500d ago

You are salty

MS cloud on Xbox is nothing but plain old dedicated server. Titanfall was prime example of that.

Are you salty with your tears ?

Angeljuice1500d ago

I'd like to point out that the only substantial difference between the two XBO versions is the Pixel count!!

Does this mean we finally have the definitive answer in the question "can anyone really tell the difference?".???

mikeslemonade1500d ago

I'm pretty sure in the "face off" round the PS4 will be the better version. It's the definitive way to play Destiny.

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TheWatercooler1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Xbone should be able to display this game the same as the PS4. This is a essentially a last gen game. It looks pretty much the same as the last gen versions except sharper.

As current gen only games get more demanding in the future. The disparity between PS4 and Xbone will continue to show.

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Evilsnuggle1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Wow how entertaining . Now we are celebrating a last gen game running at 1080P 30fps on supposed "Next Gen Hardware". I know some of us are rooting for parity but come on.

I liked Destiny I didn't think I would but I did. I will buy Destiny when it gets cheap. But Bungie is the King of parity. Destiny is no graphics powerhouse house of a game. This is a last gen game it's should be running in 1080P 60fps on both PS4 and x1. But Bungie is the King of gimping also. It's a shame that it was 900p 30fps on a next gen console in the first place. A new suppose it "next gen console" should not need to be tweaked and optimized to run a game design for last gen or across gen game. It speaks volumes of the x1 weaknesses in hardware.

Game that destroy Destiny in graphics that run 1080P 60fps. Metro Redux PS4 , Dying light PS4 X1 900p 60fps at E3 2014, DeepDown , Battlefield Hardline 1080P 60fps confirmed on PS4 unconfirmed on x1.

P.S I hope the reason why Destiny is running 30fps is because it a last gen game . Not because Bungie gimped the PS4 version.

Animal Mutha [email protected]

Funny how you think all games will have parity. Parity is only possible if .

A. The game is not that graphically demanding and both PS4 and x1 have hardware head room to run the game at it's full resolution and frame rates.

B. The developer gimping the PS4 version for the sake of parity. The PS4 has 50 % more GPU cores. PS4 vs X1 both GPU benchmarked by digitalfoundry PS4 GPU has a average of 30% performance advantage.

How can you have parity with a GPU from the same series of GPU with 50% cores. That is impossible . If you are saying that x1 has parity with the PS4 because of two last gen games Diablo 3 and Destiny. You would still be wrong . Diablo 3 is a lock 1080P 60fps on PS4 . Diablo 3 doesn't not have a locked frame rates and is missing some visual effects of on the x1 version. Diablo 3 is a last gen game that has frame rates dips as low as 50fps on x1. This means that the PS4 version still preform better. When Digitalfoundry benchmark both PS4 and x1 version of Destiny. I'm sure the PS4 version will also be superior.

tinynuggins1501d ago

How is bungie the KING of parity? This is their first multiplat game.

Volkama1501d ago

Not only is it Bungie's first multiplatform game, but we also know for a fact that they were not aiming for image quality parity. The Xbox version was 900p until Microsoft stepped in to assist.

otherZinc1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


Who "gimped" TLOU 11 month Remake: TLOU:R doesn't run at a locked 60fps.

Who "gimped" Drive Club:it runs at 30fps, with 1 feature, 50 cars, invisible walls, no weather(at launch), no Japanese cars, no American cars, & has the nerve to charge for DLC!

Sony did that to their OWN Exclusives, with their so called "50%" more powerful GPU.

That's a friggin ripoff!

The "so called weaker XBOX ONE" has managed to implement Campaign Co-op (also via Splitscreen) in its Remastered version of Halo 1-4 at 1080p 60fps. It would've been great if Destiny could do the same...But something "gimped" it...

darthv721501d ago

Funny how 50% more GPU cores only amounts to 30% performance advantage. "Average" meaning more or less.

no doubt PS4 has better specs but its what you do with those specs that define the system. Are we to think the XB1 will NEVER have a title to showcase what it can do with proper optimization and refinement?

PS4 is great but lets get off the horse of XB1 isnt.

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VforVideogames1500d ago

For everyone that bought Destiny on Ps4, its exactly how Halo plays so now you are not missing anything only the story.

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danowat1501d ago

In before PS4 version deliberately hobbled..........

Volkama1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Any talk of parity will be premature as Digital Foundry are doing their full comparison at the weekend :)

Maybe both sets of fanboys can just skip that conversation for now? In fact maybe they can skip all conversing forever? That'd be nice.

Aussiebeachbabe1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

@danowat Just like your brains been hobbled. Well done Bungie..

Septic1501d ago

Yeah and people will magically forget that the game is being made for the PS3 and X360. But nope...somehow the X1 version gimped the game, not the LAST GEN ports.

UltraNova1501d ago

So If last gen was out of the picture and they still ended up looking and running pretty much the same what would you say then?

Septic1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


Then I wouldn't just blindly blame the X1 for any so called gimping without knowing the facts surrounding it or having good reason to blame it.

Sometimes, its obvious to see when the superior version of a game is being held back, other times, its not. Maybe the parity in that case could be attributed to the devs lack of talent or sheer complacency? All this doesn't operate in a vacuum.

Who on earth would automatically make a knee-jerk reaction and blame the X1 version unless only to fulfill some fanboy agenda?

UltraNova1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

So in your opinion a reportedly 40% difference in GPU grunt requires further evidence/reasons to prove as to why an xone version of game runs the same as the more powerful ps4 one especially when both systems are accepted as very easy to code for in a universally known pc language (x86) in comparison to last gen?

EDIT: I'll cut to the chase here, setting aside fanboy agendas and the like (agreed btw) do you actually believe there's no parity/intentional gimping going on?

Septic1501d ago


Not in this case. This is running on old gen consoles as well and I don't see the original version being scaled up any more.

Are you saying this should be 1080p 60fps on PS4?

I'm just saying we can't just automatically make assumptions regarding this. What if Bungie hit the ceiling of what they wanted to achieve with the engine and scaled down from the PS4. The PS4 was the lead platform wasn't it?

This being a cross-gen game further makes me doubt whether there was any gimping. Look at BF3-4 on PC and how Frostbite was scaled down. Some people tend to run wildly with the notion that the PS4 is VASTLY superior to the X1 (equating it to the kind of difference you expected from average decent gaming PC's vs consoles).

Simply, we don't know and nor should be we bother in this case throwing around accusations of gimping. For the most part, it just seems like fanboy fuel to me.

Benchm4rk1500d ago

@Septic "

The PS4 was the lead platform wasn't it?"

Neither the PS4 or XB1 were lead platforms for destiny. They created there own dev kit for the game and then optimized it for different platforms.

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Artista 1501d ago

looks like Bungie got the Job done.

phantomxll1501d ago

Soon we will see the "PS4 version was downgraded for parity" comments.

Letros1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Or like on NeoGAF, "Not buying due to parity."

mcarsehat1501d ago

They're just the people that can't afford it making excuses.

qwerty6761501d ago

looks a little crisper i guess

but dont care either way.