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I'm always sceptical when I come across a video game based on a movie license. Sure, there's a lot of good that can come from basing your game on a popular film franchise, but there's also a high chance of developers getting lazy as they know their game-movie tie-in will sell well no matter how much love they put into it. The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fictional creations of all time so its games could easily fall into that trap, but from early impressions it looks like Monolith Productions is giving it the respect it deserves.

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mafiahajeri1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Shadow of Mordor is not based on any movie license, its based on LOTR lore. Heck, LOTR isnt even in the title (which I think was purposely done) If it were a direct movie tie-in with a movie deadline to meet then yes, everyone would have the right to worry.

Same case with the Arkham games, all past games were either based on movies or cartoons.

Completely not the case here, anyhow lets just hope this game is great and launches a new franchise.

Come to think of it, theres really no need to worry in any case. The majority of past LOTR games were all really good the trilogy games were freaking great as well as battle for middle earth the RTS...

Palitera1497d ago

Ragebait, probably. He/she/it can't be THIS ignorant.

But big deal. All they made was to give their site a very bad name.

If I write an article about horrible websites, this one will deserve its mention.

coolbeans1497d ago

I really enjoyed the Two Towers one back in the day (forget the name of it atm).

ShowGun9011497d ago


im sick of these articles, now everybodies gonna be ticked off by this game when it doesn't cure cancer...

creeping judas1497d ago

Better than Lord Of The Rings Online? I know not comparable but, still LOTRO is/was the best game based off of the Middle Earth lore.

Palitera1497d ago

Im curious. If you want to go to Lammoth, for instance, can you?

Is it a full Middle-Earth open map?

boing11497d ago

Can't wait! Looks awesome.

Seafort1497d ago

Shadow of Mordor is the one game I'm looking forward to the most this year.

Can't wait to play and turn orc against uruk-hai to turn the tide against the Dark Lord :)

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