DRIVECLUB season pass and free DLC plan detailed

With its release just under a month a way, Driveclub has finally gone gold.

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HanzoHattori1499d ago ShowReplies(1)
Applejack1499d ago

I can't wait! I've been waiting to get my racing fix since the ps4 launched and Need for Speed did NOT satisfy that need...

1mgb1499d ago

This is the game I am waiting for before I pick up a ps4.

FamilyGuy1499d ago

Same here, I literally bought my PS4 on Day 1 because I knew this was coming soon. Lol at it being almost a year later but I'm not mad, it looks even better now than it ever did before.

crimsonfox1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I don't even generally play racing games. But I wan't to like them. PS3 had Motor Storm which I liked. Will Drive Club be my PS4 racer? I hope so. Not to mention how good it looks grachics wise.

RevXM1499d ago

I will always join you to beg for more Motorstorm because Motorstorm is the shiet!

FamilyGuy1499d ago

I hope a PS4 MotorStorm comes out, especially after seeing what they've done with DriveClub.

A mix a street and offroad racing would be cool.

Skate-AK1499d ago

Just got Rivals a couple days ago and it's not very good.

crimsonfox1499d ago

It didn't look very good haha That's why I skipped on it.

Good-Smurf1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

You know the game's sucked when you can't even pause the damn thing even in single player mode.
The cops spawned from nowhere and you can't see them
Stupid crash cam,touch n'crash physics list goes on...
Driveclub will finally bring the real next gen racing game to PS4.
If it wasn't for Rivals being the only racing game on PS4 at the time I wouldn't touch it.
NFS had some very inconsistent qualities since Prostreet came out.
October 7/8 I'm waiting for you the day my racing dishes arrived!

Salooh1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Need for speed in Ps2 is better then Rival. No one should buy that game. It's awful and boring.. Nothing feels right to me in that game >.< ...

I enjoyed Pro street and Shift 1. But the others didn't get my interest. Every time they make a new one it feels worst.

SoapShoes1499d ago

Feel the same way! I avoided NFS Rivals just because it didn't look that good and NFS is long past its glory days on PS1(Hot Pursuit 2 was great too but after that is where it all went downhill imo). This game looks great and I can't wait to play it!

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Speak_da_Truth1499d ago

I can't wait I got it pre ordered and I'll be getting the season pass day one.

Remy_Chaos1499d ago

I don't support season passes, but this one looks pretty good. Can't wait to play this game, so close too!

stavrami-mk21499d ago

Finally I can get excited about driveclub. Any news on ps plus upgrade price? I've got a feeling it will be cheaper from amazon :-/

SonyStyled1499d ago

im pretty sure i read the upgrade to the full game from the ps plus version was $50 from the ps store. otherwise spend $60 for retail copy

stavrami-mk21499d ago

I just hope it converts that way for UK. If so I will get digital

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The story is too old to be commented.