Nintendo: We Recognize You Need Storage, but Wii don't Have Any

Casual gaming doesn't require any substantial storage, right? Wrong. The gamers have spoken, and Nintendo's response is rather lack-luster. Nintendo knows the Wii is in need of storage, but there aren't any external storage devices in the works…unless Nintendo has some brilliant cloud storage scheme up it's sleeve, what are Wii left with?

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DanB913872d ago

nintendo is full of fail

matchgrade3872d ago

Love the headline.

Nintendo needs to get with the program and stop deluding itself over what gamers want.

Snipes203872d ago

Take everybody's PR comments as law. This is a comment by an NOA official. He is not in charge of hardware dev. That comes from Japan. Unfortunately, he shouldn't have said this and it has given Nintendo a bit of a black eye...

Xiru3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Not sure why everyone supports Nintendo and defends the Wii. They don't listen to their fans. Storage is something that is absolutely needed. I stopped buying VC games because I got sick of deleting them. Sony seems to be the only company listening to their fans. A strange day indeed when Sony is the good guy eh?

The Milkman3872d ago

Well Nintendo has always been holding back on storage capacity compared to the opposeing consoles. I realy started to notice that when I got a Nintendo gamecube.

Steelshaper3871d ago

"I think 360 and PS3 owners will agree with me in saying the Wii fluffing by the press about it being the most successful console is getting a bit old, as the console is far from perfect."

So being the most successfull automatically means your console has to be perfect?

E3 is right around the corner. Nintendo traditionally keeps their cards close. Lets wait and see. And if they dont announce storage... dont give them any more money by downloading new games.

Dont complain about a problem and then continue aiding it...