Consoles of the 70s

GamesRadar is kicking off four days of cartridge-based nostalgia with their guide to the consoles of the 70s. Before you roll your eyes keep in mind these were the first consoles ever created. And without the decrepit forefathers, gamers wouldn't be enjoying digital ambrosia with the likes of Mario or the Master Chief on their fancy HDTV. If you wanna know how your parents kept it real, behold - the consoles of yore.

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Polluted3828d ago

Wow. Thorough article. We had an Apple II and an Atari 2600 off that list. Eventually we got Intellivision followed by a Sega Master System. Those were the days. I was to young to really remember anything before the Sega, but apparently I rather enjoyed the older consoles as a toddler.

eyeDEVOUR3828d ago

great read...i wish the list would have continued on into the 80s...