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Xaphy1525d ago

Metal gear 4 on ps4? Yes please :D

Forbidden_Darkness1525d ago

I hope so! They could also throw in Ground Zeroes with the rest of the collection and I'd be happy with that. Makes me glad I decided to skip the Legacy collection.

Ninver1525d ago

The inclusion of Ground Zero would be awesome considering i haven't picked it up yet.

Make It Happen!!

bouzebbal1525d ago

MGS collection on PS4 including MGS: Twin Snakes HD please!

PLASTICA-MAN1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I think MGS4 will stay forever a PS3 exclusive (or at least PlayStation exclusive) due to the many elements of the game having playstation related stuff top them: Metal Gear Mark II & III using the Cell processor and the sixaxis controller is the only way to control it, Sunny playing with a PSP , Otacon talking about Bluray on the PS3 and disk swap on the PS1 and many other stuff like that.

Ratty1525d ago


I guess they'd need to make a few changes to make it work but you're right. It's very doubtful.

RumbleFish1525d ago

MGS 3 Subsinstance 16:9 on Steam please!!! :D

donthate1524d ago


"I think MGS4 will stay forever a PS3 exclusive (or at least PlayStation exclusive) due to the many elements of the game having playstation related stuff top them: Metal Gear Mark II & III using the Cell processor and the sixaxis controller is the only way to control it, Sunny playing with a PSP , Otacon talking about Bluray on the PS3 and disk swap on the PS1 and many other stuff like that."

All of that was pretty much just a plug-in to market the PS3 and can easily be cut straight out and nobody would care.

I don't think Kojima/Konami can justify cutting out an entire platform like Xbox One.

If it comes, I will be looking forward to seeing it on Xbox One and PS4, but likely won't be buying it.

NukaCola1524d ago


No it's not. MG series has always had easter eggs and console specific integration. It's a part of the charm. Even Twin Snakes has Nintendoisms in it.

BLuTheSecond1524d ago


That didn't stop them from removing the Ape Escape mini game from MGS 3:Sub in the HD collection. The easter eggs wouldn't stop MGS 4 from showing up on a non sony system. They'll either be removed or if Kojima cares enough, they would scrap the old easter eggs and make new ones for each version.



Indeed, I don't think those little easter eggs are any meaningfull hurdle from porting the game all around, but I also think you're missing the bigger picture here.

MGS4 is an old PS3 exclusive, it have a quite unique code for a unique architecture on it's early complicated days, it's not like something on the new fox engine which you can just run elsewhere. So it's a challenge to port it to any x86 platform at all.

However, porting PS3 exclusive code into PS4 is something Sony have done (TLOU, and apparently isn't an easy task even with such a recent game) so they can help out... But PS3 -> XB1, Konami would be on their own.

Also, XB1 install base is not exactly presenting a healthy grow. It's small as expected from a console in it's early days, but it's also not selling well. If anything, it's the one platform they may justify entirelly cutting out, more so than XB360 (which would need some downgrade, but can be done).

So all things considered, if MGS4 is really part of that collection, I can definetelly see MGS4 staying PS exclusive, just not because of some easter eggs.

donthate1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )


Porting code is an extremely easy task to do, especially on a more powerful system. This is no problem at all!

It is only a problem when you port it to a similarly or more restrictive system.

Despite the fangirls arguments, MGS4 would have likely run on Xbox 360 if it was ported with a new engine.

There isn't anything in MGS4 that isn't doable with more computational power and more lax restrictions like an Xbox One.

Port it to PS4, oohhh my, it is sooo f'in similar to Xbox One. Let's do it!

"Also, XB1 install base is not exactly presenting a healthy grow. It's small as expected from a console in it's early days, but it's also not selling well."

That is ridiculous!

The monthly sales gap in major regions are closing in on Xbox One and PS4. The 4-5 million lead is insignificant in the long run when one expects 150-200 million consoles sold. PS3 didn't have a problem garnering support when their sales were lagging behind Xbox 360, by even more.

On top of this, the cost of porting a game was around 10% of actual game development, per platform last generation. This generation it would be even lower with hardware so similar, it is a spitting image of each other.

So that is just another BS reason fangirls will muddle the waters to fit their agenda.

If that was the case, we wouldn't have third party exclusives that sell to a user base of 5-7 million like Sunset Overdrive.

Stop spreading the FUD! It ain't happening.

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eraisu1525d ago

it's TGS duh, PS4 all the way

Magicite1525d ago

all until now released metal gear games in 1 blu-ray exclusively on PS4, Please!

Aloren1525d ago

What if it's not exclusively on PS4 ?

I'm hoping for a PC version too. After all, Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are coming to PC.

Ratty1525d ago

Unless they compress MGS4, I doubt it would all fit on a single bluray. But all the others I guess it could be done since they did it with the HD/Legacy collection.

Also, it would be nice if they threw in the Acid games and Portable Ops in there. I liked those games but I don't play a lot because, well, handheld.

Str8Chaos741524d ago

I'm with you Aloren, give us a PC version.

lelo2play1525d ago

And so it continues...

Remakes, remasters, collections, etc. There are gamers that buy the same game 3,4,5 times. Some people have way too much money to spend.

RosweeSon1525d ago

Yeah call of duty players with their "new" game every single year, they might as well go down the new super mario bros... This one is called the New new call of duty.

Gatsu1525d ago

People buy them again, because they are the best games ever. And no I'm not talking about CoD etc...MGS is just totally on a different level.

eferreira1525d ago

People have been buying super mario bros for the nes multiple times on their nes, gameboy color, gameboy advance, wii, 3ds and wii u. Let people buy what they want. It's not your money/

scark921524d ago

Some people like playing remasters and remakes...

Baka-akaB1524d ago

Or as shocking as it is for naysayers , some people love the ideas of playing oldies , ON TOP of their new games .

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Gatsu1525d ago

MGS4 yes please O_O ! :D Kojima is god!

breakpad1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

it is for 2014 so no remakes in it will be probably for next gen ......i hope he doesnt break the exclusivity of MGS 4 and make it for other is the only exclusive third party for PS3 which can brag about

cj1pate1011524d ago

You sir have nothing to brag about considering how terrible mgs4 was. The story simply tried to close to many plots and ultimately made for one hilariously bad story. Some of these include Meryl and Johny to snake walking through the microwave. Yeah vamps not actually a vampire hes just got nano machines. Lets bring snake back to Shadow Mozes for the hell of it! O you wanna play the game? Enjoy waiting for those long load times. Nothing like watching an ugly old man smoke a cig for 7-10 mins. Game was horrible and in no way lived up to the hyper it created.

geddesmond1524d ago

Metal Gear collection. That's Metal gear solid 4 and Metal gear rising. The last collection was announced as the metal gear solid collection. This is only metal gear so my bet is on those 2 games

gapecanpie1524d ago

If they remake every one for PC that would be a god send..... but knowing konami it will be just upscaled to 1080p

madao1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Nope, no games collection.
It's for new line of merchandises.

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SaffronCurse1525d ago ShowReplies(3)
wtopez1525d ago

No need to say please. If MGR sold more in one Summer Sale than it did on the whole span of the 360 (not the PS3) you can be sure that'll be on PC eventually.

And to console fans, when PC gets it, it will hurt no one. If you're a fan of MGS you should be hoping that they make as much money as possible off the franchise.

FlameHawk1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Lol? Can you show me where this was said?
Tell me do you think Konami makes more money for a game sold at $60 than $5? Doesn't matter how many copies were sold it matters for how much they were sold. Since PC gamers like to wait for sales all the time and console games buy games at launch, I'm sure Konami has made more money on 360 than PC. If it sold more on PC they would have announced Ground Zeroes for PC simultaneously with the console version.

Daniel_Potter1525d ago

Games never stop to sell on pc, cause there is never a limit to how many copies a store can have.
Plus there are sales, and each time one happens, it will boost the purchases. And considering that these are all digital, developer doesn't loose anything for selling them for a cheaper price. In fact most developers especially indie, make much more on sales than on release
On steam, valve takes 30% of the sales, the rest 70% goes to the developers. On consoles publisher takes only ~45%
ps: before you bring up piracy on pc, lets quickly breakdown what piracy is. Piracy is a way to steal a game, it gives 0% to the developer. Just like Used Games on consoles. One is legal the other one is not. But either way, none of them are good for developers. Why do you think publishers decided to increase the number of dlc's, or create online passes for some games. Why Xbox One decided to cancel used games back then at E3? At least when a pc gamer buys 5$ game on steam, 70% of that money goes to the developer, when a console gamer buys a used game for 45$, none of it goes to the developer.

This is, all that is digital, it's doesn't cost anything to make.
You probably heard of humble bundle? Takes bunch of great games and sells them for like a price of ~10$
Well, EA did humble bundle once. you could get Dead Space 1,3, Battlefield 3, Sims 3, Medal of honor 2010, Mirror's Edge, Crysis 2 for ~6$
This bundle collected 10.5 million dollars
Now you can choose how much you can give to charity, humble tip and to the developers of the bundle, but the default split is 65% to developers, 20% to charity, 5% to humble bundle. So within 2 weeks(that's how long a bundle lasts) EA managed to gather 7 million dollars out of thin air. Sorry guys, but nothing beats pc's digital sales.
Publishers like Square Enix, EA, SEGA, 2K, Warner Bros, Deep Silver, THQ, Bohemia, Tell Tale had their own humble bundles.
Kojima did the right choice by giving us Metal Gear. It may not sell well on release date, it will keep on selling and in the long run outsell the consoles charts.
ps: Why do you think Destiny didn't come out on pc on the same date. Why GTA V didn't come out on pc on the same day as console's release date? Why Watch Dogs got graphical downgrade? It's all the same, console manufacturers are scared. IF GTAV came out with it's graphics, smooth frame rate and mods on pc, just imagine how many new pc gamers would it have brought? Consoles are pathetic nowdays, trying to make themselves relevant by making timed exclusives.

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DevilOgreFish1525d ago

"animegamingnerd -
please at least be on PC"

I would say on all platforms more like it. the MGS HD collection was really awesome in my opinion.

Imalwaysright1525d ago

Ground Zeroes and Phanton Pain will be on PC so this collection will probably be as well.

RedDeadLB1525d ago

Here's to hoping it will be. I have a feeling it might.

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TXIDarkAvenger1525d ago

I hope its a legit collection across all platforms. MGS4 is a must play.

98xpresent1525d ago ShowReplies(2)
Jaqen_Hghar1525d ago

yes and if you have to buy a Playstation for it then it won't kill you

TXIDarkAvenger1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

lol. This community is a joke.

I'm getting disagrees for wanting everyone to play MGS4, one of my all time favourite games. Maybe I should of said "sucks for non-Playstation owners getting an incomplete collection". Yeah definitely would of got a bunch of agrees for that. The article is tagged with PC, PS4, Xbox One hence why I made my comment. If I can't hope for a PC/One version, don't tag it.


Loyalty at its finest right here on N4G rofl. If Kojima is making a Metal Gear collection, how the hell can it not include MGS4 and be released for non-Sony systems.

tman73021524d ago


I totally agree with you on this site. Sometimes people are ridiculous on here. It would be great if Xbox One and PC got a full collection, even the Wii U can get some love too. Metal Gear Solid would be interesting to play on a gamepad.

solid_snake36561525d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gatsu1525d ago

I love that MGS4 has been exclusive to PS3, but still I think everyone should also get to experience that fantastic game. Especially XBoxers or PC players.

RedDeadLB1525d ago

Although I love MGS4's references to the Playstation brand through the entire game and the fact that MGS4's home is the PS3, I would love to play it again, preferably on my PC since my 2 PS3s got the dreaded YLOD.

The complete MGS collection on all platforms would be like a wet dream come true.

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MegaRay1525d ago

I want it for ps2 and 3ds too

Jaqen_Hghar1525d ago ShowReplies(1)
KwietStorm1525d ago

So you thought he was serious when he said PS2?

DevilOgreFish1525d ago

I don't think there's anything stopping the collection from reaching all platforms, disc space and power is not an issue, especially on PC.

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-Foxtrot1525d ago

Jeez how many of these things is he going to do, we already got two last gen.

Do a Steelbook for each one in the collection and I'll buy it.