Videogamer: X-Blades Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "I know what you're thinking. The last thing the gaming world needs is another hack and slash, what with new iterations of God of War, Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden currently tearing up console pads across the world. But Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment doesn't agree, and it's doing something about it. And that something is X-Blades.

It not some high octane, 'woah dude' extreme sport. It's an anime inspired hack and slash that sees a Lara Croft-a-like treasure hunter search far and wide for power giving artefacts. The game's story begins with the sudden appearance of a map which details the location of all of the artefacts. The game's central character, thong-tastic heroine Ayumi, sets off in search of the stones, risking their devastating effects for the ultimate power they grant."

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