Why You Should Play Destiny

iTechHeads: Destiny just launched yesterday and there’s been mixed reception with the community. Some point out the repetitive nature of the quests or the cheesy story and writing. I’m here to tell why that doesn’t matter.

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WorldGamer1497d ago

I really like the game so far. I would caution that this isn't for everyone. Diablo+Halo is a great comparison, with you visiting the same location many times looking for loot and completing various missions.

There is just something about helping out your friend who is at Level 6 while you are at Level 12 to work through the story mode. I really enjoy holding back and lending a hand when they need it. Great community and co-op experience.

I held off on getting the pass for the expansions, but after 2 days with the game, I'm sold. This may be one of those games that everyone needs to experience for themselves to really tell if it's their cup of tea. I, for one, am having a blast.

amnalehu1497d ago

Destiny is the the most fun I have had playing a game in years. I am so tired of hearing reviewers trying to shove it into a certain category of games. In essence it is a category creator. It plays great, looks fantastic and has a great story. The bottom line is the game is a ton of fun and has a special quality about it that begs you to keep playing it. I think that's what most of these gaming expert are missing. IT'S FUN!