Resident Evil Revelations 2, What We Know So Far

Capcom has been releasing information rapidly for Resident Evil Revelations 2 in the past few weeks. A lot of information has been thrown at us all at once, so we went ahead and organized everything that’s important into a quick list. Here’s everything we know so far about Resident Evil Revelations 2.

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DarkOcelet1498d ago

Hopefully the episodes are long and raid mode is back .

-Foxtrot1498d ago

"and be able to use weapons and are much quicker than your usual limping zombie."

Use weapons? So there's another thing they didn't learn, Jesus Christ Capcom.

" If you are playing alone the AI will control Moira to help you out. "

Great another AI shoe horned into the game. Worked out so well for RE5 and RE6

zerocrossing1497d ago

I'm done with Resident Evil. Capcom today are completely inept... We ask for Zombies, and what do we get? Mutants with guns... We ask for, solo gameplay free of annoying AI partners, and what do we get? Co-op gameplay and another annoying AI partner.

I couldn't bring myself to finish RE6, got to the 3rd campaign and quit due to how boring and broken the game was. And I never bothered playing further than the second chapter of RE:Revelations. I heard good things about it, but it's still not what the fans wanted.

AsheXII1497d ago

Co-op in RE5 and 6 was great, don't know what you're complaining about.

gantarat1497d ago

we shouldn't judge game before release

zerocrossing1497d ago

But we can base our assumptions off of past experience.

From what I can see, Capcom has ignored everyone again. And if the last few RE games are anything to go by, this will likely be another disappointment...

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I want RE games to be bad, it was one of my fave franchises up until the 5th game, and even that wasn't too bad.

Inception1497d ago

"But we can base our assumptions off of past experience"

There's nothing wrong to be cautious. But remember do not make your assumptions as a fact and the reason to hate this game that you not even play it by yourself.

Also, you need to make assumption based on the 1st RE Revelations, NOT the main RE.

Personally, i love the 1st game and so far this looks like a good upgrade.

-Foxtrot1497d ago

Except if you know based on Capcoms past games and actions what it's most likely going to be like.

People said the same thing about RE5, RE6 and Operation Raccoon City.

Clown_Syndr0me1497d ago

I wont judge it yet, I really enjoyed Re5 co op, not so much 6.
Id like to see normal zombies again, but they're quite common in the gaming world these days.

hkgamer1497d ago

re5 and 6 were very average games. the only reason why there was any enjoy ent was because of co op and playing with someone you enjoy.

co op however ruined re series in a sense, it took away the horror of being alone. but thats arguable since i think re4 was the one that killed it.

anyway, what i wanted to say was you probably enjoyed those games because of the friend you was playing with and not the game itself.

Clown_Syndr0me1497d ago

Yeah most likely. RE5 was fun with my GF because there isn't many games she enjoys so it was nice to spend time doing something I enjoy for once.
We both thought RE6 was crap.
Id like to see more like the original, but would be happy if they could still make co op games too.

hkgamer1497d ago

judging from the price, it seems its only 5 episodes.

just wondering if there is any point releasing them within a week from each other. should atleast be once every 2 weeks so that they can spread it out to a 3 month period.

also a disked retail version costing so much more seems wierd.

Inception1497d ago

It's only 4 episode and 1 eps are $6. The retail version are $40 with more additional content (maybe raid mode, Barry's chapter, or something). It's a fair prize imho.

Anyway, Siren: Blood Curse and TWD already did episodic content and both are awesome. So i still didn't get why some people hate capcom sooo much when they followed this practice, especially when they are not charging $60 for the retail version.

hkgamer1497d ago

just the price didnt realy add up. think the site said $5.99 per episode. or $24.99 if you buy it at once. why would it cost more if you buy it in one go?

i presumed it meant 5 episodes equals $30. but can buy it as bulk for a few dollars less.

guess the site needs to add up properly then :P

megajon1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

It was reported to us from Capcom that the retail version is 39.99 despite being able to buy all packs digitally for 24.99. Not sure what will be included just yet, but I would assume what Inception has assumed isn't far off.

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