Donkey Kong Country Total Conversion For GZDooM - Demo Now Available

Modder ‘DooMero’ has informed us about the release of a demo for his amazing Donkey Kong Country total conversion mod for GZDooM.

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Gh05t1593d ago

What is the point of this? I am being serious... I dont really know what GZDooM is but I am trying to understand why this would matter. If its really a shot for shot remake of the original game why not just play the original. Is there something I am missing that makes this good other than the fact that someone was able to recreate a platformer on some type of doom engine?

DoomeDx1593d ago

Oh read your comment right after I wrote mine.

DoomeDx1593d ago

Thats real nice and all but I dont see the point of playing this. You can get a SNES emulator + this game for free.

Ah well. Atleast he showed what is possible with modding!

sonarus1593d ago

I REALLY REALLY want to get a snes emulator. Goint to try to see if i can get one on my ps3

Skate-AK1593d ago

Can't unless it is jailbroken and has homebrew. Get a Ouya if you want emulation on your TV. Heard they work pretty good for that.

sonarus1593d ago

oh wow i'm definitely getting this

1593d ago