Here's How Long It Took Us to Beat Destiny

Time Well Spent. Destiny may be longer than you think.

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vishmarx2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

ign 9.5/10 paid score confirmed!!theyre already doing reassurance articles

also telling people it took them 6 hrs isnt gonna help

FsterThnFTL2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I always subtract 2 from the IGN score to get the real score of a AAA game and always add 1 to the IGN score for a smaller game.

$500 million spent to make a 6 hour campaign, lol.

16bitNutritionist2603d ago

That's kinda stupid in every way possible....

LazyGoron2603d ago

You must not have read the article on IGN... they stated that it took "6 hours" of the in-game story based mission time. They then said this was not truly accurate as they did patrol bounties, strikes, replaying missions (which doesn't add into the "6 hours") on the harder difficulties for leveling, weapon leveling, loot collecting. Who knows if they've done free-roam and gone gold chest or ghost hunting.

Me personally I have played for over 10 hours (all coop/story/SP) and am level 7. I have looking for ghosts, doing free-roam patrols, playing with friends, going through levels myself, trying the strike missions. I am not sure what I am doing that's making me play the game longer than 6 hours but I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Please read and comprehend the article you're quoting (not saying IGN is trustworthy, but get the facts straight about the article)

ScottyHoss2603d ago

Couldn't agree with you more @lazy, I played this game for around 15 hours with friends and we're just hitting Venus (subtract maybe 3 hours of backtracking for my low level friend and crucibles), and I am loving it! One of them said "this game makes me want to stay inside for 3 months", and he's a casual player. But if people dislike it that's alright :) I got my fireteam, I'm set! It's fun to hate destiny, but it's more fun to love it

HiddenMission2603d ago


The game is amazing so don't try to downplay it.

Plus the $500 million was for the whole franchise not just this one title...da hell is wrong with you kid...

CorndogBurglar2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

You need to re-read the article and underatand what they are saying, because you clearly missed the point.

They said it took closer to 18 hours, and I believe that because i've got about 8 hours in and i'm only level 6 and i've only one mission in to the moon.

I also haven't played any Crucible matches or Strikes yet. Only story missions. In all fairness, i replayed 2 story missions to help level up my buddy, but still, thats pretty impressive.

The people that are still hating on this game because of "lack of content" obviously haven't experienced it for themselves.

n4rc2603d ago

I'm at about 6-7h in... Done earth and the moon minus the strike.. Still have venus and mars

kaizokuspy2603d ago

Does anyone realize their is a limit on how many Vanguard points you can get in a week? Impossible to get all legendary and or exotic loot in what three days? Seriously, most of the reviews you read are terrible. Gaming journalism is dead. Metacritic and other sites are biased and just need your "clicks" 6 hr campaign? What did they do, spawn a sparrow and just fly to each checkpoint without exploring? Without stopping to kill mobs? Seriously, people just want to see this game fail, because gamers want what they want. Everyone wants something unique to them and to no one else. This game should get a 9.5. If you don't enjoy it, it's because its different than any game ever made up to now in how it plays. If you don't like playing with others and chatting in a headset or dont like shooters, dont buy the game. If you are a loner, you wont enjoy this. If you are trying to say the lore should be as good as halo, you wont enjoy this. We will get the story over a 10 yr period. Not in one sitting.

Loktai2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

HALO 1 is 5-10 hours, HALO 2 is like 5 hours HALO 3 is 5-10 hours HALO 4 is the same...

Destiny if you do NOTHING but plow through the story is about 6 hours on NORMAL difficulty and
there are two announced expansions. Two.

HALO games are full priced games and Destiny is a full priced game, why are people holding it to a higher standard than any other bungie game? Dont try to tell me they didnt hype every halo release.. Dude they had mountain dew cans with HALO on them and junk... its a pretty unfair thing to be pissed off at Destiny for being larger in scope than any existing HALO game and still not be good enough.

avengers19782602d ago

You can spend all day just doing patrol missions, you could spend all day looking for ghost or gold chest, there are side missions, bounties, and strikes, and raids, plus the multiplayer or PVP... While it's nothing special I still enjoy playing that once in awhile. I think destiny is a solid 8, and who knows what expansions will bring.

I would s tell anyone to buy Destiny for something FUN to play.

its_JEFF2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I find it fascinating that people are still quoting the "$500 Million" figure, especially when that quote was taken out of CONTEXT.

What he, CEO Bobby Kotick, actually said was something like "Destiny is a 10 year game, in the end we may end up spending $500 million on it" Not the exact quote, but that sums it up.

But still, it keeps getting quoted... SMH, the internet is such a powerful tool for knowledge/facts yet not a lot of people seem to use it. They just take a word of one person/article and run with it, never bothering to see if it was in fact true or not.

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OrangePowerz2603d ago

They actually said it took them around 18 hours.

2603d ago
harrisk9542603d ago

The problem is that IGN said it took about 18 hours, but (as usual from IGN), this is a poorly written.... the focus of the article is on the Bungie mobile app telling them 6 hours. The author even notes that the app is likely wrong.

3-4-52603d ago

I'm lvl 18, been playing solo, I've got well over 15 hours in and I'm not even close to beating the story.


* Story--Patrol--Crucible---Stri ke---Story

Repeat some variation of that....

It keeps the game fresh and then your not plowing through the Story like it's a checklist.

ramiuk12602d ago

well i just done reef and i done over 6h40 of the story

DeadMansHand2602d ago

I'm playing every mission on hard with two of my friends. We are 7 hours in and on the second Venus mission. We also explore in between battles. The game is not short by any means.

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mcarsehat2603d ago

Bad for an open world game (Supposedly open world.)

I remember Prototype getting a lot of crap for that and it was 15 hours long.

amnalehu2603d ago

Who said Destiny was an open world game?

Patrick_pk442603d ago

Well you can freely choose to go to a certain planet and it's territory and explore the landscape freely. It's open world in the sense that the world are no stitched together as one, but instead spread into multiple levels.

mcarsehat2603d ago

"Who said Destiny was an open world game? "

Really? that's the answer i got??

Neixus2603d ago

Then stop calling it an MMO if it isn't open world.

2603d ago
UnwanteDreamz2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

MMO stands for

Massive Multiplayer Online

Has zero to do with openworld. Not saying Destiny is an MMO, just saying you dont know what an MMO is.

amnalehu2603d ago

Disagree with a question. That's logical. Per Bungie's own website it clearly says Destiny is an "ACTION" game.

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Kurisu2603d ago

Different people play different games at different speeds. All these "it took me this long" articles are pretty annoying.

once_a_jedi2603d ago

I agree. I tend to take at least twice as long as game site reviewers. I don't sit down & play until the game is finished,and I'm fairly certain they get more practice than me.

HanzoHattori2603d ago

I completely agree. The only time that elasped time to complete should matter is when a developer tries to pawn of a demo as an actual game, ah lah Metal Gear Solid GZ.(2 to 3 hours for 30 dollars is kinda steep)

moegooner882603d ago

18 hours for a first playthrough, sounds great, gonna get it soon.

2603d ago
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