Tales From the Borderlands Might be Telltale's Best Yet | Hardcore Gamer

Telltale Games has almost single-handedly thrust video game narratives into uncharted territory, spinning compelling and surprising stories of a consistently stellar quality, but this could be there best yet.

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CerealKiller1588d ago

I hope they release it soon.

MSBAUSTX1588d ago

Me too man. I am looking forward to this.

CloudRap1587d ago

Is this coming to XB1/PS4? and I can't wait for that Game of Thrones game from them.

Sketchy_Galore1587d ago

As far as brands go it's the least interesting thing they've tackled to me but I know their writers are good enough to get me hooked anyway. Still I'm far more excited for their take on Game of thrones. THAT is a series that is perfect for them. They both rest on the same degree of amazing storytelling.

The writing of their Walking dead game was so good that on the final decision I disagreed with 90% of other players and I still feel completely confident and justified in my decision and can argue my case any time. That was not the only decision I made that was similarly unpopular or that I felt similarly strongly about either. That's good writing. When choices aren't simply red or blue, good or bad. When you see the poll results of choices hovering around 50/50 or when you find you're vastly outnumbered but still feel you made the right decision you know you're dealing with excellent writing.

Arty841587d ago

not suprising having more comedic elements is clearly going to appeal to more people than a zombie tragedy and murder story

I wouldn't be surprised this becomes the best seller atleast until the game of thrones one comes out

ironfist921587d ago

Seems like humour is sorely lacking in gaming recently, hence why Borderlands is such a gem.