PS3 Launch Jump Starts PSP, PS2 Sales

Sony faceman and bringing of all tidings Playstation 3 Dave Karraker delivered some interesting PS3 launch details earlier today.

Although Sony, like Nintendo, isn't talking specific numbers they have confirmed that their console sold out "within hours."

Biggest selling game: Resistance: Fall of Man, followed by Madden '07

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Grown Folks Talk4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

while they sell systems that don't cost them as much to produce, the majority of people aren't going to buy a ps2 then turn right around and get a ps3. there's no point to that. if i bought a ps2 now, i wouldn't consider getting a ps3 for some time. if you want a ps3, you might as well skip the ps2 since you can still play ps1/2 games on it.

Krimson4439d ago

Ever heard of the lurking variable? We also happen to be 1 month before christmas where sales of all consoles usually triple or quadruple past average.