Shovel Knight Developer Talks Game Success, Future Platforms, and More

Junkie Monkeys: At PAX Prime we had the pleasure to speak with Yacht Club Games developer, Sean Velasco, about their new smash hit game, Shovel Knight. Along with the developers take on the games success, Sean Velasco has given us quite a bit of new information. Some of which includes talk for future platforms for Shovel Knight, finishing Kickstarter goals, and much more.

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Loadedklip2567d ago

Fantastic game. Highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of great game play.

wonderfulmonkeyman2567d ago

It's proof positive that the right kind of third party game can sell quite well on Wii U.
Glad I supported it; easily worth every cent if not more.

Nagisa_Rodriguez2567d ago

I can't wait to see what else they have in store for the game :)

Chrischi19882567d ago

Look like a really well done game. Most will complain because of the graphics, but I love it because of that.

Most new games put to much effort in graphics and because of that, the complexity of the game itself suffers.

I like games, which are complex, I dont care if it looks worse, it is like it is a modern thing to make games as easy as possible, so the biggest trolls can play them and feel like they can do something.