Deathmatch: CPU vs. GPU

CPU or GPU? Which critical hardware upgrade will provide the best gaming performance? More after the jump.

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Hydrolex5464d ago (Edited 5464d ago )

PS3's CPU can do either graphics and ram so that's why Sony didn't really put high ram and GPU.

Mr Fancy Pants5464d ago

ok. the guy in the video said that this was all created using just the cell processor? am i right? wow

Xi5464d ago

and any gpu can also do physics. Doesn't mean it's good at that.

Also, the raytracing video required 3 ps3 and an ibm blade.

funkeystu5464d ago

The disagrees are probably because it's a PC tech article and you decided to bring the ps3 into it (obviously without reading any part of the article). It's a relevance thing ;)

Bucky Sligo5464d ago

"PS3's CPU can do either graphics and ram so that's why Sony didn't really put high ram"
Do you know what the function is of RAM? CPU's can't do RAM my friend.

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vilmer5464d ago

The dedicated PC GPU will always be the best in terms of raw graphics and power for gaming.

funkeystu5464d ago (Edited 5464d ago )

I'm not too surprised - most games have been GPU-bottlenecked for a while, and most system builders tend to sink more of their money into the GPU than the CPU.

kwicksandz5464d ago

A GPU upgrade will always provide more bang for your buck.

JCDenton5464d ago

100% agree! btw, love your avatar! :)

Baboon5464d ago

the E2160 overclocks to 3.0 GHz with the stock cooler and voltage, I wonder why they only pushed it to 2.3, then said that its speed was bottlenecking the budget CPU setup?

but the conclusion is valid - if you're building a gaming PC rig, overclock a cheap CPU and spend the money saved on a bad boy GPU.

a couple of 8800GTs in SLI would be a better way to spend the money than a 9800GTX though.

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