Wine 1.0 announced

After 15 years of beta testing Wine 1.0, the windows Emulator for Linux users, has been officially released today. The page seems to be up and down at the moment, but steadfast Linux users looking to play some WOW should be able to get through with a little patience.

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verb3k4839d ago

Their website has been slashdotted
I can't load any page.

Polluted4839d ago


Here's some links to the source if anyone's interested.


Dits4839d ago

someone needs to try install this on the PS3 linux

Polluted4839d ago

Lol. That's a good idea. Until someone figures out a way to take full advantage of the RSX under Linux, Wine on a PS3 won't be much good for gaming. Even with RSX there probably wouldn't be enough ram, but I bet you could get Halo 1 for PC running at a choppy framerate. That might raise some eyebrows in Redmond.

BigPete79784839d ago

I was wondering the exact same thing. Will this thing run with YDL? Also what version of Windows will it run?

Polluted4839d ago

It doesn't emulate the Windows OS. It emulates programs that were made for Windows so you can run them under Linux. Sorry if that was misleading.

And yes, it will definitely run under Yellow Dog.

Alexander Roy4839d ago (Edited 4839d ago )

"After 15 years of beta testing Wine 1.0, the windows Emulator for Linux users[...]"

Morons wherever you's even in the name:

Not an

It translates the Windows-API so you can use them under Linux/Mac.

BigPete79784839d ago (Edited 4839d ago )

Nevermind. At first I thought this comment was directed at me.

Polluted4839d ago

Well gosh heck I'm so sorry if I offended you. I mean I already apologized to the guy above for characterizing it as an emulator when it's not in the strictest of terms, but hey, go right ahead and call me a moron if it makes you feel big.

Next time I'll call it the "Windows API translator for Mac/Linux" and we'll see exactly how many people know what the hell that means.

Alexander Roy4839d ago (Edited 4839d ago )

Dude, you got me wrong. If I meant you, I would have made my comment a direct reply to you. I don't expect everyone to know about this, because seriously, this didn't get much mainstream atention.
I quoted the text because it simply is wrong, a short look at the WINE FAQ would have shown that.
Again, sorry if you felt offended, but it pisses me off when people send in news and not even their first line is right - this has nothing to do or with anyone else who just hasn't heard about it.

EDIT: No, it doesn't make me feel big. All I expect from everybody, me included, that sends in news is to research at least the smallest bit about it.

verb3k4839d ago

Polluted just wanted a clear and fast way to describe Wine to unfamiliar users. It won't be interesting if he describes Wine in detail as people are much more familiar to an "emulator" than to an API compatibility layer.

Bladestar4839d ago

So much anger... why do linux fans have to be so hostile...

If you guys don't mind me asking... which one performs better the app running on windows as it was originally intended to.. or this Emulator?

ahhhhhhhh! [run and hide behind a wall since I call the thing emulator...] wouldn't want to get shot for that! many sensitive people around this...

Alexander Roy4839d ago

Bladestar, you fail. Neither am I a Linux fan, nor do I use it. In fact, the only times I used Linux was in my programming classes in school about five years ago. Next time, if you take another try of making fun of me, try harder.
If you were skilled in comprehensive reading, you would have seen that I had problems with someone sending in news and then stating something wrong in the first line. Not that I expect you to think before you write, anyway.

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-Neon-4839d ago

Wine won't run on YDL. YDL is a PPC version of linux meaning Mac not Windows, since its a PPC architecture you won't run anything that would need windows/wine because Windows and Wine both run off of x86 chipset.

You could use QEMU (processor emulator) to emulate x86 on YDL.
If you get ubuntu installed you could run wine.

Nothing is impossible just workarounds. ;)