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Despite the technical issues I encountered, I still enjoyed my time with Fairy Fencer F. The only real complaint I can levy against the title is that it felt too short.

Fairy Fencer F may have been designed specifically for a Japanese audience, but any JRPG fans who can stomach the problems inherent to Compile Heart games will also find plenty to love.

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Bhuahahaha1500d ago

i got no more budget on games for this month T_T

MartinB1051500d ago

Well, this game came out of nowhere.

It looks interesting, but this review is severely lacking in detail, so I'll wait for better reviews before deciding whether I'll get it.

blackblades1500d ago

The game didn't come outta know where, it's just you not paying attention.

MartinB1051499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Not paying attention? I read N4G, NeoGAF and PlayStation Blog every day; I listen to about four different gaming podcasts every week. And I've never heard or seen this game mentioned until now.

How exactly is that "not paying attention"?

Phazonmasher1500d ago

Hey there, Thanks for the feedback. You said my review lacked detail. Could you elaborate so I could better serve readers in the future? What else would you like to know about titles?

blackblades1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

You supposedly follow all those sites everyday, and you never heard of it. lets see theres plenty more articles on n4g about it. A sequel was announced at jp conference last week pretty sure there was a lot of article. I only follow n4g and gematsu and once in awhile ps blog I been known about and played jp demo as well as known the date release. I can say more but theres no need for what I wanted to say.

MartinB1051499d ago

I only read the Europe PSN blog; not the US one.

And I don't read EVERY SINGLE article on N4G; I simply don't have time for that, so it's not impossible that I may have missed this game if the articles were posted at the wrong time for me.

The fact of the matter is that there have been relatively very few articles on this game compared with many other games.