Destiny Has Unreal Sales, Addictive Gameplay, and Surprising Similarities to Kingdoms of Amalur

Destiny is surprising not only in how successful it already is, but also in which games it is reminiscent of, and just how fun it is to play.

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Rik_Mayall1503d ago

"Addictive Gameplay"

Only level 7 and I'm still playing more Crusader Kings 2 than Destiny, which is arguably be more repetitive than Destiny.

dasbeer881503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Crusader Kings 2 is a very difficult strategy game which requires hours of dedication to get hold of the ropes. But after a while, CK2 actually becomes incredibly amazing and dynamic.

As for Destiny, it's a twitch game on consoles.

Cryptcuzz1503d ago

Quit hating on the game just because it's the "cool" thing to do with kids ever since the game came out.

If you don't like games such as Diablo 3, where the fun part is about hunting for loot, leveling up, comparing your legendary gears to others, enjoying a solid PVP (Control, team death match, etc.) then why bother getting the game, only to go on a hating crusade and attempting to downplay the games hype?

Seriously, there was a beta that was available on all consoles, everyone had a chance to play the game and knew how the game would be, but now many are just jumping on the hate bandwagon for the game.

So which one is it? Did you buy the game (after having a chance to play the beta) and are now hating because the game is not what you thought it was going to be?

Or are you hating just because its "cool" to hate on the game?

Fyi, Both are extremely stupid by the way.

dasbeer881503d ago


That's what she said. :3

HanzoHattori1503d ago

They hate it because they can't get weapons like the standard COD/BF4 get kills and unlock weapons gameplay. Destiny makes you work for your rewards. For people like me who play rpgs, I have no problem grinding and farming for loot. They hate it because someone like me, who isn't an expert at shooters, can have uber gear and b*tch slap them around a map. The whiners just need to admit they don't like the MMO elements of this game and move on. RUN & GUN is going the way of the dinosaur. Now get the hell out of the way and let the future begin with Destiny.

Big_Game_Hunters1503d ago

"Addictive gameplay" just another empty buzzword these sites love so much.

TRD4L1fe1503d ago

im level 21 at the moment, and addictive gameplay isn't even the word for how stuck I am on Destiny

DonDon1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

What is so great about destiny (in your opinion, please)?

Battlefieldlover1503d ago

Right there with you man. Great game.

Oh and to the one needs to justify thier purchase to you.

BlackWolf121503d ago

And this is exactly why early reviews for games like this can't be trusted.

You're a level 7 and saying the game is boring....

Wow. Just wow.

So much stupid on the internets now. It's killing my brain.

rebeljoe141503d ago

Crusader King sucks, it's boring and terribly designed have fun with that trash then

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BattleTorn1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I can't seem to think of anything negative about the game - unless I read online (I agree with the complaints, when I do, though)

I'm just gonna not give attention to the negativity, and enjoy the game to the fullest I can!

solidboss1503d ago

good for you. sometimes you just want to enjoy that game you spent $60-$150 on even though you know it is not without its faults it feels good to enjoy it for what it is and to praise the good. destiny is certainly not what its hyped up to be but is that a bad thing? not at all..there's ton of room for growth within the series and hopefully bungie can start by hearing the things that fans want such as prox. chat. people must remember that "destiny" is just the start. this is a franchise that supposedly has a ten year life span. mistakes are a given for every new ip no matter who the developer.

Lou Ferrigno1503d ago

the game is plucking AMAZING! ..super fun, but, ya's popular so gotta release the haters out of their hate cave.. -_-

BattleTorn1503d ago

I've felt with having to cope with overhyped/underwhelming game before. Watch_Dogs - obviously.

There is two things I feel are important for people to realize.
1. We'd all be better off if we could invest as much energy as we do overlooking the flaws of underrated titles into enjoying the quality of overhyped titles.

2. We gamers are like rabid dogs! We shred through every morsel of content in no time. I think Bungie has caught on to this, and found out the only true way of having a game with a very long lifespan is (unfortunately) withhold content to a later date.

They were success with the Halo Reach level-cap. They are now keeping our first Raid locked until Sept 16th, with no dates for the other 5.

I think this is a good idea. I know I'm gonna blow through, and repeat, every mission/strike/patrol within no time.
I like knowing when I'm done, we're not DONE!

mediate-this1503d ago


Might i ask what destiny was hyped up to be? Because no game is with out faults and although destiny is not perfect, it still is a great gane. I love the contrast between thw pve and pvp elements of the game.

Tired of story mode play pvp, the pvp is harder than other shooters, you have to work for your kills and its pretty rewarding. If bungie keeps up with dlc and events this game can evolve

DonDon1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Just because people don't like it =/= negativity. For example, if people complain about "Amy" game being trash doesn't mean they are being negative. Just because you refuse to hear those complaints doesn't make you positive. I think people on n4g throw that word around alot but are not using it right.

BattleTorn1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

"if people complain about "X" game being trash doesn't mean they are being negative."

What would you call it then?


I don't understand how constructive calling something "trash" can be.

Magnes1503d ago

This game is like a basketball court its just a court then you get some friends together and the fun ensues. If your friends are busy a pick up game is fun too oh and you could always explore.

SliceOfTruth8881503d ago

ahhhh yes its "cool" to hate the popular games....all of the people who yelled and screamed "YOU HAVE TO PLAY BOARDERLANDS 2 WHY ISNT EVERYONE PLAYING THIS GAME!" are now pissed that Destiny is gaining the popular vote so they HAVE to hate this game.

Volkama1503d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur?

Pfft it's a stripped down Phantasy Star Online that doesn't let you feed your mag (ghost)!

Subaruwrx1503d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur had great fluid game play and a huge world to explore - other than that I don't understand the comparison. Kingdoms is SP only, Destiny is MP online only.

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