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From the review, "[Jenni Lada is] a festering pile of hate and doubt. I look down upon myself for making mistakes which I see, after the fact, were incredibly stupid. I’m second guessing and double checking not only my actions as I play games, but things I do in real life. I resent Natural Doctrine for turning me into this husk filled with only the most negative emotions. I’m convinced the “Mature” rating is for all the swearing that comes after failing a battle you’ve spent 20 minutes fighting. Especially since it’s probably only the third battle in the entire game."

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DarkOcelet1500d ago

Wow so its super hard and you didnt finish the game and you give it a D . Maybe you should finish the game first and besides it was advertised as hard or maybe even harder than Dark souls so what did you expect ... i will be getting my copy soon .

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081500d ago

This is why i don't listen to game critics, they are so stupid!

HanzoHattori1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Every video i've seen from NIS demonstrating the gameplay mechanics, and the developers clearly state the you will die, over and over and over until you perfect your strategy. Enter one cry baby who can't get the typical "instant satisfaction" that most games bring to the table and she gives the game a bad review because she allowed a video game to crush her will to beat it?

Can't wait to play it. Watching people whine about it's difficulty makes me want to play it even more.