Wired Review: Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Marriage of Movies and Games

Konami's flagship game series has always been defined just as much by its seminal stealth-infiltration action gameplay as it has by its intricate story, told throughout the game by means of lengthy cinematic scenes and extensive bursts of radio dialogue between main character Solid Snake (above) and his rogue's gallery of remote mission operatives.

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butterfinger3867d ago

is better than any movie I have seen all year. I would actually prefer single player games to move in a more cinematic direction. It would be so fun to be able to control what happens to the main character in a movie, or at least sort of, in a movie:P

sonarus3867d ago

Best game of the yr best movie of the yr:D

Surfman3867d ago

so epic... especially in the end, split-screen war/snake in the micro-wave room...

TheWickedOne3867d ago

One of the reviews said "best movie you'll ever play". It really did seem that way. One of my favorite games to date.

himdeel3867d ago

...on normal, took me 29 hours including cut scenes, and I rushed through the latter have of the game because I had to find out what happens in the end. MGS4 is more then just a game it's an experience. Color me THOROUGHLY impressed! This game truly deserves to have it's own genre because it's in its own class. After following the entire series this is truly the best game I've ever laid my hands on. I have already started through it a second time...